Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust launched its first wave of LiA Pioneer Teams in October 2012, as part of their intensive focus on engaging and empowering staff to innovate, find solutions to problems, and improve the overall care experience for patients.

Staff on the Orthopaedic Gould Ward at Musgrove Park Hospital have worked together using Listening into Action (LiA) to reduce pressure ulcers, reduce patient complaints, stabilise staffing levels, and improve cleanliness on the ward. This has had a positive impact for patients and for the team, and has also resulted in significant cost savings.

Keep Calm and Pass it On

Wed 18th December, 2013
10 Trusts got together yesterday in Birmingham to share the impact LiA has had for patients and staff during their first 10 months as National Pioneers on Staff Engagement and Empowerment.

Adopting LiA as one of Aintree Hospital’s First 10 pioneering teams, Ian Hincks, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and the Haematology team have delivered a remarkable transformation for the benefit of patients, staff and the Trust. “There is no doubting that pre-2013, clinical haematology was in need of effective leadership and the implementation of essential change’’ according to Ian.

A new cohort of six NHS Trusts will start in January as National Pioneers on Staff Engagement and Empowerment, through widespread adoption of Listening into Action (LiA). They will embark on an initial 12 month journey, to get to a point of traction where new ways of working start to embed as ‘the way we do things around here’.

East Cheshire NHS Trust has won the North West Leadership Academy award for Patient Inclusivity, based on a radical improvement in the service provided for patients with Autism. ‘Open 2 Autism’ was led by Lillian Rimmington, Theatre Recovery Team Leader at the Trust, as one of the Trust’s ‘First 10’ Listening into Action (LiA) teams.

Not for the faint-hearted!

Tue 3rd December, 2013
Adopting the LiA way of working is not easy, it is not for the faint-hearted, and it can be difficult to persuade staff at all levels that this is not just ‘another initiative’ which arrives with a bang and then fizzles out.   The Chief Executive is the main sponsor of LiA in any Trust, and it is important that their role is not just as a symbolic figurehead.

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust received a ringing endorsement from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for their adoption of Listening into Action (LiA), in the new format inspection report published last week. Croydon was the first Trust in the country to experience the new CQC process.

Staff at Medway NHS Trust have recently embarked upon Year 2 of their LiA Journey. In this video, introduced by Chief Executive Mark Devlin, frontline staff from around the Trust talk about their experiences during the first 12 months.

Last year, Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust won the 2012 HSJ Staff Engagement award for their sustained and widespread adoption of LiA. Last night, at the 2013 HSJ Awards ceremony, another LiA Trust - Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust – won the Staff Engagement award, based on clear evidence of systematic improvements in staff satisfaction and frontline performance.

The Listening into Action (LiA) Pulse Check has received over 70,000 responses from NHS staff in over 30 Trusts since May 2012. How they feel provides leaders – both locally and nationally – with food for thought.

Staff on a ward at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust have worked together to make significant improvements in the care of patients with dementia. The LiA team on MacDonald Ward at Conquest Hospital had a mission: to reduce the amount of wandering on the ward and create a safe zone for patients.

LiA teams at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust are working together to improve the care of dementia patients and are significantly improving the patient experience as a result. They have put together a moving and inspiring video to share their story. Amazing NHS staff + LiA = ‘magic dust’! See for yourself

Viewpoint - John Adler at UHL

Thu 24th October, 2013
In any LiA Trust it is the Chief Executive who performs the role of the main sponsor. Their leadership of LiA, with clinical leaders alongside them, galvanises and empowers front line staff to make changes, and unblock the way in order to improve patient outcomes. John Adler is the Chief Executive of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. He has led the LiA way of working in not one, but two, Trusts.

Bigger and bolder every day

Wed 23rd October, 2013
Following their success in Year 1, 7 LiA Trusts joined forces at a special event last week to ‘raise the bar’ in Year 2. The 7 Trusts each brought an ‘A Team’ of key people to the ‘Navigation Day’ event in Birmingham, to set out their target outcomes for the year and prepare the ground for take-off.

Feedback from the frontline

Mon 14th October, 2013
We always say to the LiA Trusts: ‘If the spread of this new way of working starts to run out of control and feel chaotic, that’s a good sign. That’s what a movement feels like and that’s what you’re after here’. Well, from where we sit, working across 30 LiA Trusts, it certainly feels like this has a life of its own, and that is very hopeful.

At the end of a hospital stay patients are eager to return home. However for many, the discharge process can be delayed, sometimes for several hours or days, whilst they wait for delivery of drugs from the hospital pharmacy. This situation does not enhance the patient experience and has the inevitable knock on effect of reducing availability of hospital beds.    

Last September, the second group of NHS Trusts started out on their Listening into Action (LiA) journey. As they began, each Trust used the LiA Staff Pulse Check to get a ‘snapshot view of how engaged and how valued our staff feel right now’. They then repeated it after 12 months. The response rates and the uplift in results are unprecedented in the NHS.