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Bigger and bolder every day

Wed 23rd October, 2013
Bigger and bolder every day

Following their success in Year 1, 7 LiA Trusts joined forces at a special event last week to ‘raise the bar’ in Year 2.

The 7 Trusts each brought an ‘A Team’ of key people to the ‘Navigation Day’ event in Birmingham, to set out their target outcomes for the year and prepare the ground for take-off. The room was buzzing as Medical Directors, Chief and lead nurses, 18 consultants from different specialties, and a range of allied health professionals agreed the focus areas that teams will be empowered to change.

Their shared commitment is to move faster to outcomes by systematically engaging the right people around vital improvements to:

  • The quality and safety of patient care
  • The patient experience
  • The way they enable and ‘unblock the way’ for frontline teams.

Their focus areas are exciting, measurable and vital to get right, including:

  • Reducing mortality in key areas
  • Increasing time for direct patient contact
  • Reducing C.diff
  • Month-on-month reduction in discharge delays
  • Dementia screening in A&E for all over 75
  • Shifting to 24/7 services
  • Reducing patient complaints and incidents
  • Decreasing DNAs
  • Cutting time to recruit
  • Reducing the use of agency staff
  • Introducing board rounds at the weekend
  • Reducing TTO delays
  • Stopping inappropriate cancellations of clinic slots
  • ... and much more.

Their new LiA annual cycle begins as always with a big round of 5 LiA Conversations personally hosted by the Chief Executive and clinical leaders, to communicate with a rich mix of up to 80 people at each. In Croydon, for example, they are planning 3 LiA Staff Conversations to connect around the quality and safety of patient care, the patient experience, and the way we enable and ‘unblock the way’ for frontline teams; plus an LiA Conversation with patients and carers, and another with local GPs and commissioners. The LiA Conversation ‘formula’ guarantees an unprecedented view of ‘what matters’ and ‘what gets in the way’ to drive action and priorities over the coming year.

The stories and results from Year 1 created a strong, local evidence base. Year 2 is about getting faster to outcomes - for patients, staff and the Trust.

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Feedback from the frontline

Mon 14th October, 2013
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