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Croydon Health Services get ready to take LiA to a new level in 2015

Fri 12th December, 2014
Croydon Health Services get ready to take LiA to a new level in 2015

At Croydon Health Services NHS Trust hundreds of staff have been involved in LiA since 2012, helping to make a real difference to the patient experience and the quality and safety of care right across the Trust.

They recently held a major LiA Pass it On event – a high energy, inspiring celebration of team achievements which culminates in ‘passing the baton’ to the next group of teams. They, in turn, are fired-up and ready to start their own journey of continuous improvement of the services they provide to patients.

John Goulston, Chief Executive is very proud of the hard work and achievements of the teams. Here is his own blog post following the Pass It On event:

“The Listening into Action Wave 3, ‘Pass It On’ event took place on Wednesday and I had the pleasure of joining the 13 most recent teams to celebrate the hard work and successes they have achieved. It was a great event with each team creatively demonstrating their work through presentations, films, sketches and even game shows. I was encouraged to hear about the changes and outcomes that each team of pioneers has achieved.

For example, our 'home for lunch' team improved patient care and flow by working across departments to ensure that patients were able to be discharged earlier and allowing them to go home in time for lunch. In October, they ran a trial in Purley 3 and were successful in getting 83% of patients home for lunch. This is compared to 20% in the previous year.

The Pressure Ulcer team has seen a significant decrease in patients being admitted with pressure sores. This follows multi-agency engagement across the Trust, social services, care homes and other care organisations. On Stop Pressure Ulcer day last month, a stand in the Whitgift Centre meant that our specialist nurses were able to educate and inform members of the public who we do not usually see within our services. During the day our team handed out 500 educational flyers!

The PALS and complaints department has restructured the way they process complaints. Every complainant is assigned a named coordinator to be the first point of contact for information, and the coordinators personally phone and speak to each new complainant. This has resulted in 33 out of 119 complaints being resolved informally. This is a fantastic result for patients and the Trust.

These are just three examples of the progress which was shared at the event. All of the LiA teams have worked hard to implement changes which have significantly impacted the quality and safety of patient care, improved the patient experience, and made Croydon Health Services a better place to work.

At our recent Trust Focus we launched the Croydon Health Services staff pledges, and in January we will be launching 'Visible Wednesdays' which is a key part of the Visible Leadership LiA blueprint team’s work."

The LiA journey at Croydon has been fantastic so far, with great feedback from staff who feel more engaged and valued, and have 'permission to act' on their good ideas.

Further blog stories will be published in the next few weeks based on the success of their pioneering teams.

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