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Collective launch/boost of ‘Hello my name is…’ on 2nd February

Tue 27th January, 2015
Collective launch/boost of ‘Hello my name is…’ on 2nd February

When we heard that Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust - where Kate Granger is now working - was about to launch 'Hello my name is...', we thought it would be good, with Kate's blessing, to invite CEOs from other LiA Trusts to launch/boost their own local campaign on the same day. This 'collective launch/boost' would be make some 'noise' across the country, create an opportunity for Trusts to network and share good ideas, and, most importantly, constitute a leap forward for compassionate patient care.

We thought that 10-20 Trusts might sign up. However, within a week, 30 had done so. Already connected through Listening into Action (LiA) to putting staff at the centre of change as part of a fundamental shift in ways of working, the endorsement and support for 'Hello my name is...' resonated and made sense.

By this time we were on a roll, and decided to open to the invitation up more widely. Two weeks' later, more than 80 NHS organisations are on board, with support from NHS England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Kate Granger is thrilled with this widespread response to her campaign. 80 NHS organisations – that's more than 400,000+ staff, impacting the lives of millions of patients.

A benefit of the collective launch is the opportunity to collaborate, make connections and share ideas across the country. To that end, we hosted a ‘Hello my name is…’ WebEx session last week which 70 Trusts attended, to pool ideas and hear from some of the Trusts already making good progress. The following material has since been made available to anyone who would like to use it:

  • A recording of last week’s WebEx
  • A film from Kate endorsing this collective launch
  • A film of Kate talking about ‘Hello my name is…’ at the NHS Confederation
  • A PowerPoint pack of materials, examples and ideas
  • The press release announcing the collective launch and a ‘starter for 10’ announcement for local use.

Please click here to access the resources, they will also soon be available on the ‘Hello my name is…’ website

Every Trust joining the collective launch/boost of 'Hello my name is...' will run their own local campaign in the way they want, at the pace they want.

There will be a further WebEx session in a few weeks’ time to compare notes and ‘trouble shoot’ any issues as Trusts move their local campaigns forward.

Please do share this information with anyone who may be interested. If you would like your Trust or organisation to pledge their involvement please contact Hannah Forbes .


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