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'Small change, BIG difference!' at Northern Devon Healthcare

Wed 11th March, 2015
'Small change, BIG difference!' at Northern Devon Healthcare

Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust started their Listening into Action (LiA) journey in June 2014. Based on the results of the 2014 National Staff Survey, the Trust have seen a huge improvement in how engaged their staff feel and are now fourth in the 2015 national league table for acute Trusts , having acheived an incredible 36 point improvement on performance year-on-year. Congratulations to all of their staff!

It is clear that the adoption of LiA at the Trust is having a significant impact. Dr Alison Diamond, Chief Executive, reflects on their journey so far:

“This is an exciting time for the Trust. I am passionate about the journey we have begun which I see as a catalyst for improvement in patient care.

I was inspired by the feedback from our LiA Big Conversations. It was fantastic to see staff really engaging with the thorny issues, and I feel these events gave everyone an opportunity to share ideas and make suggestions. Together with the LiA Pulse Check, this has given us a clear view of the Trust from a staff perspective and insight about what needs to be done to make our work more effective.

At an organisational level - in response to what our staff say matters - we have been making small changes that will make a big difference. For example, changes have been made to the vacancy panel so that recruitment to some posts is easier; we now have a Corporate Credit Card for items that lie outside the usual procurement system; and we have started to see benefits from staff trialling an email free day each week.

We are also seeing some good examples of staff feeling empowered to make change happen by working the LiA way – from the Out-Patient Outcomes team to the work around Safer Medicines at Discharge. We have 14 teams pioneering adoption of LiA, which include clinically-based teams focused on patient care, as well as ‘enabler’ teams that deal with issues that affect us Trust-wide.

These pioneering teams came about as a direct response to what staff told us at the LiA Big Conversations in September. Naturally, some of the work is lengthy and complicated, but headway is being made, and it is good to see LiA being used to tackle the thorny issues that are best addressed by staff getting together to create solutions and make them happen. Our staff have been instrumental in coining the phrase 'small change, BIG difference'.

There is a definite buzz around the place, linked to Listening into Action. Team leads from across the Trust have been enthused by the fresh impetus on delivering change. We are already tackling some of the roadblocks within our organisation, and I have confidence that this process will ensure that all staff have the tools and support they need to make improvements.

We are just at the beginning of this journey, but I’m already seeing a real desire to make a change… so watch this space!”.


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