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2015 League Table on Staff Engagement -Acute Trusts

Mon 2nd March, 2015
2015 League Table on Staff Engagement -Acute Trusts

LiA has just completed a review and analysis of the 2014 NHS National Staff Survey results which highlight how staff feel about working for their organisation and the quality and safety of care they feel able to deliver given their work environment.

The results of assessment against 20 key Picker Institute findings around the four staff pledges from the NHS constitution – the NHS’s commitment to staff, and therefore pretty important and significant – make stark reading for many leaders across the Service at all levels. These findings undoubtedly impact on the quality and safety of care for patients at all 135 NHS Acute Trusts. It is beyond dispute that, when staff are happy in their workplace and supported by leaders and colleagues day to day, the care they deliver is better and the patient experience improves: ‘happy staff = happy patients’ is well recognised.

Our analysis of the 2014 results should concern NHS England and those at the top of the Department of Health, as there is a significant downward trend on how positive staff felt last year relative to 2013. In the year before last, 37 out of 141 Acute Trusts witnessed a negative trend from their staff responses (staff felt less positive about their Trust than they had in 2012); in 2014, 63 Trusts out of 135 – some Trusts have merged or been dissolved since 2013, reducing the overall number – have seen a decline in staff positivity and morale. This is almost double the number of Trusts inside 12 months seeing staff concerned with the way things are going.

We have attached the league table for acute Trusts based on the analysis of the results and the scatter map. For some, it makes great reading. For others, it highlights huge issues which need to be addressed quickly.

The top 5 Acute Trusts for 2014 – the best places to work according to staff responses to the NSS? - are, in order (league position improvement/decline in brackets):

  • Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh FT (+13)
  • Northumbria FT (same position as last year)
  • The Dudley Group FT (+74)
  • Northern Devon Healthcare (+36)
  • University Hospital Southampton FT (+34).

Many congratulations to all CEOs of these Trusts for their efforts to engage and empower their staff in 2014. Northumbria are a regular feature at the top of the league table and they have retained their second place. Andrew Foster and his team at WWL deserve special mention however. Two years ago, WWL were amongst the most challenged Trusts in the country in terms of their staff survey results, appearing in the bottom 20% Trusts for many of the Picker Institute Key Findings. To move from the basement region to the 'top of the tree' is a remarkable turnaround. Other Trusts in the Top 5 which have adopted LiA as a new way of working are The Dudley Group, and Northern Devon.

At the other end of the staff responses league table, the bottom 5 Trusts are:

  • Colchester Hospital University FT (-25)
  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust (-4)
  • North Bristol Trust (-51)
  • Wirral University Teaching Hospital FT (-26)
  • East Kent Hospitals University FT (-8).

The biggest positive movers in 2014 are Portsmouth (+93 places), Dorset (+90), The Dudley Group, Ashford & St Peter’s (+71) and George Eliot +(70). Congratulations to all concerned.

The five Trusts going the wrong way, in a big way, down the league table are Epsom & St Helier (-69 places), Cambridge University FT (-62), The Princess Alexandra (-56), The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch FT (-54), and North Bristol.

Anyone wishing to explore their results in more detail can contact Gordon Forbes on 07734 812311.




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