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2015 League Table on Staff Engagement - Community & Ambulance Trusts

Tue 3rd March, 2015
2015 League Table on Staff Engagement - Community & Ambulance Trusts

LiA has just completed a review and analysis of the 2014 NHS National Staff Survey results which highlight how staff feel about working for their organisation and the quality and safety of care they feel able to deliver given their work environment.

The results of assessment against 20 key Picker Institute findings around the four staff pledges from the NHS constitution – the NHS's commitment to staff and therefore pretty important and significant – make interesting reading for many leaders across the Service at all levels.

In terms of the Community Trusts, there has been a welcome improvement across the board according to staff working in community organisations since 2013. Particular congratulations go to Tracey Allen and her team at Derbyshire Community Health Services FT for their leadership position in the 2015 standings, having seen a huge shift in both performance and trend from staff since 2013. They are by no means alone in this improvement, with Hounslow and Richmond, Lincolnshire, Shropshire, and Wirral all evidencing a meteoric rise in comparative standings relative to their peer group. Bridgewater, Gloucestershire, Hertfordshire, Solent, and Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent are all positive ‘quadrant shifters’ based on staff responses to the 2014 NSS.

Whatever the Community Trusts are doing might be something other provider sectors could pick up on in the year ahead? Congratulations to everyone concerned.

With regard to the Ambulance Sector, no comparative analysis has been done year-on-year between 2013-14, so this is a straight view for one year only. In general though, the ‘like-for-like’ staff responses, comparable as they are, recognise the arguably more challenging environment Ambulance staff are working in. Some of the Ambulance staff responses to specific questions highlight the size of the challenge for those leading the service. For example, % staff reporting good communication between senior management and staff averages out at only 18%, whilst staff agreeing they feel able to contribute to improvements at work averages out at 44%.

Against this backdrop, the North West Ambulance Service comes out top overall on the comparative league table, so congratulations to Bob Williams and his team for their results. London Ambulance Service are in last place by some distance according to staff feedback in 2014. Plenty to go at in 2015!

Anyone wishing to explore their results in more detail should contact Gordon Forbes on 07734 812311.

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Scott M

Thu 2nd July, 2015. 11:00AM

Some really interesting data. Staff engagement is a real challenge in the ambulance service and something I'm working hard on, as a first line manager.


Sun 8th March, 2015. 3:25PM

NWAS is No 1 - well done everyone, its great to be recognised :)

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