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Staff learn sign language to introduce themselves in Rotherham

Thu 2nd April, 2015
Staff learn sign language to introduce themselves in Rotherham

In an inspirational step forward, NHS staff across Rotherham are leading the way nationally as they learn to introduce themselves to patients using sign language.

Earlier this year, The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust signed up to Kate Granger’s ‘Hello my name is…’ campaign as part of the collective launch/boost across more than 100 organisations organised by the national Listening into Action (LiA) Team. Dr Granger, who is in her early 30s, has terminal cancer, and has made it her mission in whatever time she has left to get as many members of NHS staff as possible pledging to introduce themselves to their patients. Over 370 staff at the Trust individually pledged to ensure that they introduced themselves to patients in the first round of local activity. Over the coming months, as part of their Listening into Action (LiA) new way of working, this will be linked to getting the essentials of compassionate care right and embedded as ‘the way we do things’ at Rotherham.

Now, in preparation for National Deaf Awareness Week (6-12 May 2015), staff at The Rotherham are learning to say ‘Hello my name is…’ in sign language, and to spell out their own names for patients who are deaf or hard of hearing. This fantastic film – available on You Tube – shows how to do this for yourself and is an inspiration to every other Trust in the country.

Some Trust staff are hoping to go on to learn more sign language in order to help their deaf patients in the future. Staff at the Ashley Court Resource Centre, run by national deafblind charity Sense, have kindly lent their support to the campaign.

You can find out more about the ‘Hello my name is…’ on Kate’s website . The collaborative network sharing ideas about local campaigns is led for Kate by the national Listening into Action(LiA) team. If your organisation would like to join, please contact Sam Currie at









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