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"Changing how we do things around here" at Sheffield Teaching

Mon 11th May, 2015
"Changing how we do things around here" at Sheffield Teaching

Sir Andrew Cash, Chief Executive at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust signed the Trust up to Listening into Action (LiA) in September 2014 as part of a "heartfelt effort to connect better with everyone who works here to deliver the best outcomes for our patients and staff”. His message to staff in a recent communication is:

"Just over 5 months ago we launched 'Listening into Action' to encourage as many of you as possible to get involved in putting forward your ideas and coming together to see how we could make things better for patients and each other.

I was delighted to listen to lots of fantastic feedback and suggestions through our Big Conversation events in which 1000 members of staff from different areas across the Trust joined me to discuss what needed to change around here.

The invaluable feedback gained from these events has now been condensed into key themes and priorities to allow nominated groups of staff to focus on action plans for specific areas. 15 teams have already come together to work on schemes that relate to the theme 'what matters to staff'. This includes improving patient care, engaging staff and communicating better with colleagues."

These 15 pioneering teams are now well underway. Excerpts from their recent newsletter show how doctors, nurses and other professionals are leading this work to make vital changes in their own areas. They are attracted to the 'bureaucracy-light' way of working, and others are already expressing interest in leading the next wave of teams which will follow soon. Staff are also encouraged by some of the early 'Just Do It' actions taken by the Trust, including: 

  • Abolition of parking fees for bereaved relatives
  • Additional hot desks for staff
  • Personal 'Thank You' letters from the CEO to all staff who have 100% attendance record
  • Recycling/marketplace on the intranet for re-distribution of furniture around the Trust
  • More pillows available in theatres/recovery to help with shortages when patients are moved to wards
  • Key phone numbers added to Trust website to help patients and relatives.

Each LiA Team is being led by triumvirate of a clinician, nurse and a manager. The changes they make will improve the quality and safety of patient care and 'unblock the way' for staff delivering care...




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