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Clinicians leading 'fundamental shift' in Cornwall

Thu 18th June, 2015
Clinicians leading 'fundamental shift' in Cornwall

Bill Shields, CEO at Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, is crystal clear about the enormous opportunity to make widespread, positive changes that will put the Trust 'on the map' as a great place to be cared for and to work.

With a clear focus on providing consistently high quality care and a great patient experience, and retaining and attracting the best talent to provide that care, the Trust is adopting Listening into Action (LiA) to engage and empower all staff, and get a fundamental shift in ways of working and leading over the coming months and years. 

To 'kick start' this, a specially formed group of 10 key influencers spent an intensive two days working together at a 'lock in' session in Edinburgh this week. This included the CEO, two Consultants, the Nurse Executive/Deputy CEO, two Clinical Matrons, Therapies Inpatient Manager, Head of Midwifery, Health Records Manager, and Head of Estates. Along with a couple of other clinical leaders, the mission of this group is to enthuse staff, lead the spread, and get a 'groundswell' of staff-led action going on across the organisation.

By the end of the two days, they had achieved:

  • Everyone on the same page in terms of how LiA works, the success factors and the pitfalls (especially important as the Trust had a 'false start' with LiA a couple of years ago)
  • Clarity on what a 'fundamental shift' will look like for patients, staff and the Trust
  • Agreed their First 10 LiA Clinical Teams to pioneer new ways of working, with a triumvirate of doctor/nurse/manager leading each and a focus on specific, measurable outcomes for patients
  • Planned a catalysing round of LiA Big Conversations to connect with staff on a widespread basis, identify changes that will 'unblock the way', and give people 'permission to act' in their own areas
  • Ready to get 100 Champions on board as advocates, messengers and influencers
  • Plotted out the journey and campaign for the first year.

 This fantastic short film sets the scene for staff as they get started...


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