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Imagine a world where...

Mon 22nd June, 2015
Imagine a world where...






Imagine a world where...

We have strong, visible local leaders who support our teams to deliver great patient care.
We prioritise the quality and safety of patient care above all else.
We value and support our staff as the most vital and precious asset we have in the NHS.
We do the right things, not the most urgent.
We stop what adds no value for our patients, so we have more time to care for them.
We trust our staff to do their jobs and let them get on with it.
We have inverted the hierarchy so that Execs support staff, not the other way around.
We have cracked the bureaucracy of meetings, meetings, meetings and email overload that wear us down.
We have got our mojo back and reversed the erosion of morale across the NHS.
We have found a way to reduce sickness and our dependency on expensive agency staff.
We have taken control of our own destiny, leveraging the talents and abilities of our wonderful staff, and not the external interventions and initiatives of management consultants and regulators.
We put patient care before paperwork.
We are all in the same team and help each other to be the best we can be.
We identify and share what works, learning from those who have cracked system-wide issues.
We treat all members of staff equally, whatever their grade, background or life choices.
We welcome positive challenge to everything we do, so we can learn and improve.
We build our expertise and experience internally, bit by bit, so that in time we can become self-sustaining.
We do the jobs we joined the NHS to do.
We come to work happy and leave fulfilled, every day.
We say ‘thank-you’ and ‘well done’ to our colleagues, all the time.
We do what we do with a smile on our faces.
We are able to make a difference, every day.

That world’s here. Right here, right now. And it’s yours. More than 50 Trusts in NHS England have already started.
Time for change.
Listening into Action (LiA)®



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