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70,000 NHS staff responses to LiA Pulse Check provide ‘on our watch’ insight for NHS leaders

Tue 19th November, 2013
70,000 NHS staff responses to LiA Pulse Check provide ‘on our watch’ insight for NHS leaders

The Listening into Action (LiA) Pulse Check has received over 70,000 responses from NHS staff in over 30 Trusts since May 2012. This snapshot view of how engaged and how valued staff feel right now provides leaders – both locally and nationally – with food for thought.....



More than three quarters of staff responding:

· Don’t feel valued by their Trust leadership and management

· Don’t believe that day-to-day frustrations that get in their way are readily identified and resolved

· Don’t believe that communication between senior management and them is effective.

On top of this, new questions added in May ask about the extent to which existing organisational structures, processes and systems support and enable frontline staff to do their jobs in looking after their patients and relatives:

· A mere 22% agree that organisational processes and structures support and enable them to do their job well

· Only 24% agree that their work environment, facilities and systems enable them to do their job well

· And only 26% agree that their organisation helps them develop and grow in their role.

The impact this inevitably has on morale and, in turn, on the quality and consistency of the service provided, is clear. And staff don’t need to be asked again and again - it doesn’t get any better the more we ask the questions. In fact, the reverse is true.

So the question is “What are we going to do about it?”. This is happening ‘on our watch’ - there is not another team waiting in the wings to fix it. Almost 50% of the NHS workforce is non-clinical, which means that almost half are there to help and support their clinical colleagues to deliver great patient services.

A concerted, intensive and widespread effort to turn things on their head - frontline teams engaged and empowered, those who are not frontline aligning their efforts behind those who are, a 'bonfire' of things to stop or change today to unblock the way.

What we need is a fundamental shift, and we need it now.

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