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The power of employee engagement in NHS hospitals

Thu 9th July, 2015
The power of employee engagement in NHS hospitals

More than 50 NHS Trusts have been adopting and spreading Listening into Action (LiA) over the past three years, resulting in thousands of stories about the impact on quality of care and the patient experience, achieved by teams who feel empowered, valued and proud. 

It is common knowledge that engaged staff deliver the best patient care. LiA is now the leading approach in the UK healthcare sector for improving patient care through higher employee engagement, with a clear 12 month journey that organisations get better at with every passing year, with 100's resources to support them. The strong network of organisations and the outcomes they are achieving every day enable continual improvement of the approach, shared learning, and a wealth of best practice ideas and materials which avoid reinvention.

So who's doing what? Here are a few headlines from some of the LiA Acute Trusts from the last couple of weeks:

  • University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay: stunning LiA Pulse Check results after 10 months, providing a 'snapshot' view of how engaged and valued staff feel there. Feeling valued up 19%, tackling day-to-day frustrations up 15%, communication between senior management and staff up 22%, quality and safety our top priority up 19%, able to prioritise patient care up 14%, staff recommending Trust up 24%. Great team, great Trust, great results so far
  • Royal Cornwall Hospitals: 500 people confirmed for their catalysing round of CEO-led LiA Big Conversations and a fantastic list of LiA Clinical Teams being launched in July. Includes: optimising operating theatres, reducing the number of patient moves, elective discharge (home for lunch), Early Support Discharge, seeing patients quickly, Hospital 24/7, eliminating cancellations, reducing the ED Conversion Rate, improving staff experience
  • Sheffield Teaching Hospitals: some great impact already with 23 new teams ready to pick up the baton following their Pass It On event later in July - watch this space for stories from the first pioneering teams! Thinking now about 'big ticket opportunities' to focus on in Year 2 in order to get the greatest possible impact on patient care through the direct involvement and empowerment of staff at all levels
  • Wirral University Teaching Hospital: won the HPMA Award for Staff Engagement based on their adoption of LiA since September 2012, supporting multi-disciplinary teams to make change happen on a widespread basis
  • Croydon Health Services: recently launched LiA 'Let's Do It!' - a new 'fast-track' campaign that centres on teams quickly pooling ideas and making three actions happen within a month. There is a £1000 prize each month for the best actions, to reinvest in patient care. So far almost 100 actions have been celebrated, with more teams coming on board all the time. Croydon have also been shortlisted for the Nursing Times Award for Staff Engagement and have made a submission for the HSJ Award for Staff Engagement 2015
  • University Hospitals of Leicester: calculate that they have held 148 LiA Conversations so far focused on a wide variety of vital challenges
  • Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh: going from strength-to-strength on staff engagement and as a Trust. Highest results nationally for staff engagement, runner up this week in HSJ Best Acute Trust to Work. Started their LiA journey in 2012.  

To find out more, browse through the LiA blog to see specific stories and examples of the impact that acute, mental health, community and ambulance Trusts are seeing through making LiA 'the way we do things around here'. Many are exemplars on how to improve patient care through higher employee engagement and there is much to learn from them.

Contact Hannah Forbes on 07734 812644 to find out more about Listening into Action (LiA) and how you can join this powerful network.



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