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'Recruitment process' in Top 10 frustrations for NHS staff

Tue 28th July, 2015
'Recruitment process' in Top 10 frustrations for NHS staff

More than 50 NHS organisations have adopted LiA since 2012, with another 50 involved in pilot work and early adoption work before them. 100,000s staff are working the LiA way, making changes to improve the quality and experience of care for millions of patients.

The powerful, fast-growing LiA Network has become one of the best vehicles for collaborative working, and the cross-sharing of ideas and learning, facilitated through:

  • LiA Clinical Teams thinking 'beyond the usual boundaries' to engage other local Trusts, agencies and stakeholders around their mission (for example to 'improve patient flow')
  • Trust teams visiting each other across the network to pick up good ideas, build collaborative relationships, and avoid reinvention when great solutions already exist out there
  • Cross-organisational events and working sessions
  • The very extensive web-based LiA Navigator which - in addition to the 'how to' for adoption of LiA - is a repository of outcomes, knowledge, brilliant ideas, creative thinking and 'what works in reality'.

In recent months, we have also started to host live, online sessions on ‘Hot Topics’ across the LiA Network, to further enable collaboration and learning and avoid reinvention.

This month, 20 organisations participated in a session about Recruitment - one of the Top 10 sources of frustration for our 1.4 million staff in the NHS, with issues around staff shortages and agency costs in the news on a daily basis.

During the session we heard from 11 organisations who shared their best ideas for ensuring an effective, speedy, meaningful and creative recruitment process within their own Trusts. Ideas included:

  • Creating a web-based portal and a virtual careers fair in partnership with private companies to encourage people to move to the area (University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS FT)
  • Appointing a recruitment and nurse development lead and launching an advertising campaign on Facebook, Twitter and local media (Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust)
  • Changes to the recruitment process and improved marketing to attract the best possible candidates (Northern Devon Healthcare NHS Trust)
  • Amending closing dates for jobs to avoid a ‘glut’ of applications and encouraging better engagement with candidates (Burton Hospitals NHS FT)
  • Enabling faster pre-employment checks and request to recruit process (Hounslow & Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust)
  • Improving communication and providing training for recruiting managers (Cumbria Partnership NHS FT)
  • Switching to electronic forms from paper and allocating temporary staff to help within recruitment team when needed (Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust)
  • Using Twitter to attract new applications, making improvements in key stages of the recruitment process and creating a web based ‘on-boarding’ portal for new starters  (St Georges’ University Hospitals NHS FT)
  • Reducing advert to appointment offer time from 18 weeks to just over 10 weeks using LiA (Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust)
  • Removing unnecessary approval stages in VAF process and providing ‘Golden examples’ and simplified forms for recruiting managers (Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust)
  • Designing a visual one page recruitment checklist (including potential delays) to show the recruitment process from start to finish (The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust).

After the presentations, everyone had the chance to share their ideas during a chat session – and a wealth of additional ideas came to light. 

Feedback from the session has been exceptionally positive, with new ideas already being adopted across Trusts. Other, equally relevant Hot Topics will be covered in further sessions over the next few months. Thanks to everyone who is participating! 

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