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CQC talks of the 'galvanising effect' of LiA at Gloucestershire Care Services

Mon 28th September, 2015
CQC talks of the 'galvanising effect' of LiA at Gloucestershire Care Services

The latest CQC report for Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust has shown a fundamental shift in culture since adoption of LiA began in January 2014. This is great news, especially given that staff at the Trust are dispersed over a 1,000 square mile area. Paul Jennings, Chief Executive, is justifiably pleased with these findings:

"The report from the CQC Chief Inspector of Hospital’s Inspection was published last week for three Trusts. It was so far down the news frenzy you may not have noticed the report into Gloucestershire Care Service NHS Trust. Our Trust was given 'requires improvement' as its overall rating. This is as anticipated for an organisation that is still relatively new, and still in the process of assembling and embedding the systems and processes that the CQC reviews.

The exciting news was that the CQC recognised the value and contribution of Listening into Action (LiA) in driving cultural change. Our Trust is in the second year of LiA and is about to launch 'Year 3' with an intensive drive to engage colleagues around 10 'Big Ticket' opportunities to impact patient care. At the same time we will take radical steps to 'unblock the way' and alleviate frustrations for our staff.

LiA was referenced throughout all of the eight reports, and included highlights such as:

“Listening into Action has had a galvanising effect... staff were universally positive, even those who had been sceptical at the start.., (they) talked in terms of having ownership and feeling responsible".

The report also noted that "things were possible... communication was improved... and staff felt listened to by the Trust”.

At the Quality Summit meeting one of the inspectors fed back that LiA was: “Most passionately driven in any Trust that I have visited as a CQC inspector”.

On a personal level as Chief Executive I am delighted that the CQC has recognised what we are trying to do here. As a member of what is becoming an endangered NHS species - CEOs - it is great to have my organisation recognised for its passion for and commitment to improvement.

Rob Webster, CEO of the NHS Confederation, said recently that NHS Chief Executives are responsible for only two things: "How we tell the story of our organisation, and how we prioritise our time". For me, I am writing the story through the LiA narrative, with clinical and other colleagues taking control and delivering change. It is my privilege and joy to spend my time leading GCS through that ambitious transformation.

In December 2015, we will be launching the third year of our LiA journey, and we will continue to empower colleagues to drive organisational change. Through raising the bar, we will take LiA to a whole new level."

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