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HSJ Award for Staff Engagement won by an LiA Trust second year running

Wed 20th November, 2013
HSJ Award for Staff Engagement won by an LiA Trust second year running

Last year, Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust won the 2012 HSJ Staff Engagement award for their sustained and widespread adoption of LiA. This was under the leadership of Chief Executive John Adler who has now moved to University Hospitals Leicester where engaging and empowering frontline teams is a top priority and LiA has been positioned ‘centre stage’.

Last night, at the 2013 HSJ Awards ceremony, another LiA Trust - Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust – won the Staff Engagement award, based on clear evidence of systematic improvements in staff satisfaction and frontline performance.

They reported the following results within the first 12 months of LiA adoption:

“We have evidenced an average 29.6% improvement across the following metrics: staff feeling valued, staff able to contribute ideas towards improvements at work, improved communication, managerial support, and staff believing we provide the very best services to patients.

In addition, key service improvements across ‘Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention' (QIPP) can be tracked to our engagement approach:

  • Quality: we saw notable performance improvements in real time patient data, improved Quality and A&E positions in Northern league tables, service quality gains within our decontamination services, theatres and enhanced clinical environments
  • Innovation: we have redefined Trust values around the behaviours and leadership style our staff expect, 30 pioneer teams are proactively engaged in delivering local change
  • Prevention: engaged staff are collaborating across the care economy to deliver integrated pathways, reducing hospital admissions, re-admissions and length of stay for patients with long term conditions
  • Productivity: improvements include 0.8% reduction in sickness absence, £1.3M reduction in temporary staffing expenditure, and the introduction of protected training time"

Michelle Cloney and Joanne O’Brien were LiA Leads at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust during the initial 12 months. In Michelle’s words:

“We are so proud of these achievements and the incredible work that our teams have done to improve the services they provide to patients. The LiA Pulse Check is a simple but powerful indicator of how healthy a workforce is and we saw an increase of 34% in how valued staff felt working this way. This kind of shift gives the Trust a fantastic platform from which to build.”

Dr Umesh Prabhu, Medical Director, recently tweeted: “Had huge success with LiA and must always listen to our staff – and all staff, not just a few”.

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