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Listening into Action (LiA) - a 'dial shifter' for the NHS

Thu 17th December, 2015
Listening into Action (LiA) - a 'dial shifter' for the NHS

2015 has been a fantastic year for Listening into Action. More and more organisations are recognising that 'pulling the people lever' is the magic key to open the door to high performance. Employees spend a huge amount of time at work, and they want to feel both valuable and valued. This is the case in every people-centred organisation.

What differentiates LiA from other 'employee engagement' approaches is the absolute link between the engagement effort and 'business outcomes'. In the NHS this means providing high quality and safe care for patients, and creating an environment in which employees can thrive and perform. Efficiency is a by-product of getting this right.

Seeing the impact on patients and staff across Trusts that do this well is an incredible privilege.

Coming soon: '100 Powerful Stories of Staff Led Change'

In January, an inspiring and ground-breaking publication called '100 Powerful Stories of Staff Led Change' will help to highlight the impact on patients and on 300,000+ staff across the NHS so far. 

Hard copies of this will be sent to NHS CEOs and influencers, members of the press, and leaders of relevant organisations in and beyond healthcare. We will also run a ‘100 Stories in 100 Days’ campaign, with a new story going out each day on Twitter and on this blog. Please follow and share these stories - NHS staff deserve to be recognised and this is a great way to make that happen.

Some headlines from 2015

So much has happened this year in the world of LiA. New Trusts have come on board, taking the number over the past three years alone to 60+, on top of the 100 or so involved in pilot work and early adoption before that.

These Trusts start their journey from different points, with an ambition to go from 'okay to good', 'good to great', or 'great to even better'. Several have won awards, three have moved out of 'special measures', many have seen 'how engaged and valued staff feel' rocket by 20% or more within 12 months, and all have a wealth of evidence around the impact on patient care.

The latest Trust to sign up to LiA in 2015 is Barts Health NHS Trust - the biggest Trust in the country. They already have a high level of clinical engagement, with doctors, nurses, AHPs and other healthcare professionals leading the charge. LiA is their main vehicle for engaging and galvanising ALL staff around patient care and, vitally, for delivering many aspects of their 'Safe and Compassionate' Quality Improvement Plan.

Listening into Action (LiA) beyond the NHS

LiA is easily transferable to any people-centred organisation in any sector. Non-NHS organisations will have the chance to get involved in 2016.

Thank you

Thank you to the many leaders and staff in all of these organisations for your incredible hard work, belief and commitment. We wish you - and everyone who works in the NHS - a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.   





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