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Massive social media campaign - 100 powerful stories from the NHS

Wed 27th January, 2016
Massive social media campaign - 100 powerful stories from the NHS

100,000s of staff and millions of patients are being impacted by new ways of working.

More than 60 NHS Trusts comprising around 300,000 staff have been taking bold steps to ‘power up’ their frontline teams.

The impact on patient care is being highlighted in an exciting new Twitter campaign #NHS100Stories which was launched last week, profiling 100 powerful stories in 100 days.

The #NHS100Stories campaign showcases what happens when NHS teams are actively supported to work differently. Instead of being told what to do and how to do it, teams set their own mission and lead changes they know will make the biggest difference for patients. The vital role of leaders, managers and support teams is to actively ‘unblock the way’ for them, cutting through layers of bureaucracy and all the usual ‘reasons why not’ which have built up in the NHS over the years.

Described by one Chief Executive as “Magic Dust”, the Listening into Action (LiA) approach – developed hand-in-hand with the NHS over the past seven years – provides a simple formula for success which teams and organisations are following.

According to Gallup, “Only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work”. The NHS is the fifth biggest employer in the world. New ways of working that make staff feel 20%+ more engaged within 12 months and lead to stories like those showcased in #NHS100Stories are critical to providing high quality, safe care for patients and making our prized NHS everything we want it to be.

Here are the first 5 stories from the campaign.









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