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NHS Acute Specialist Trust staff have their say on leadership and culture

Thu 3rd March, 2016
NHS Acute Specialist Trust staff have their say on leadership and culture

The 'LiA Scatter Map' for NHS Acute Specialist Trusts captures an analysis of NHS staff responses to 20 of the Picker Institute’s Key Findings from the 2015 National Staff Survey.

The comparable questions from 2014 to 2015 offer an insight into how NHS staff rate their Trust's leadership and the culture across 17 published Acute Specialist Trusts. This year's 'LiA Scatter Map' replaces the league tables many will remember from last year – still available on this blog – because of a significant shift in the questions considered comparable by Picker in 2015. The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases’s results have not been listed to date, and Sheffield Children’s Hospital’s results have been incorporated into the Acute & Community Trusts cohort by Picker this year.

Each Acute Specialist Trust is plotted on the 'LiA Scatter Map' against two axes:

1. If your Trust is positioned above the horizontal 'x axis', it means that staff responses to the 20 Key Findings rank the Trust on or above average for your peer group. Below the horizontal means staff responses put the Trust below the average. In other words, the higher up you are, the better your Trust is performing in the eyes of your staff;

2. If your Trust is positioned to the right of the vertical 'y axis', it indicates a positive response trend from staff within your own Trust relative to their responses in 2014. If your Trust is to the left of the vertical, it means a declining trend from 2014 with staff feeling less positive overall than they did before. In other words, the further to the right you are, the more positive the year-on-year trend.

On this basis, the position of each Trust is clear:
• The best-performing Trusts based on how staff feel in 2015 are in the top-right quadrant - above average performance and trending positively too
• The second best quadrant is the top-left - above average against the peer group, but trending negatively compared to 2014
• The third best quadrant is the bottom-right - below average against the peer group, but trending positively compared with 2014
• The bottom-left quadrant is the worst quadrant to be in - below average against the peer group, and trending negatively compared with 2014.

Congratulations to The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust and Queen Victoria NHS Foundation Trust for being the top ranked Acute Specialist Trusts this year – separated by a whisker! - according to NHS staff responding to the National Staff Survey results. The Trusts with a real challenge on their hands in relation to how staff feel in the year ahead are clear from the 'LiA Scatter Map’.


To download a PDF version of the scatter map please click here

Any queries or questions, please feel free to contact Gordon Forbes on 07734 812311 or email

Watch out for the 'LiA Scatter Maps' for all other Trust provider organisations in the coming days.


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