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NEW LiA Pulse Check Analysis: Safe? Effective? Caring? Responsive? Well-led?

Tue 14th June, 2016
NEW LiA Pulse Check Analysis: Safe? Effective? Caring? Responsive? Well-led?

The national Listening into Action (LiA) team has developed a new way for NHS Trust CEOs to 'self-assess' the safety and effectiveness of their Trust.

Using the existing Listening into Action (LiA) Pulse Check responses from staff – over 250,000 staff have responded to the Pulse Check in the last 4 years – the team can now determine how your staff feel around the five Care Quality Commission domains of Safe, Effective, Caring, Responsive, and Well-led.

Quite apart from having your own, locally-owned view of how staff feel about the quality and safety of services and how well-led the Trust is, imagine the benefits of having a clear view of where you are according to staff, before, during and after the CQC has landed and conducted their own, regulatory-oriented review?

The LiA Pulse Check results around the five domains are presented in traffic-light format and rated as Inadequate, Requires Improvement, Good, and Outstanding across each domain;



Apart from the additional certainty of knowing where you are, according to the most important source you have - your frontline staff and their corporate support colleagues - at any given juncture, the LiA Pulse Check results in 'CQC domain form' give Trust leaders the opportunity to start to address the challenges, issues and opportunities you find from staff responses in advance of the CQC visit!

Post CQC report, you will also have a real insight from the LiA Pulse Check responses as to what staff want to fix first as a priority around how the Trust is led, managed and services provided, and to build widespread ownership for doing so.

The analysis of the new LiA Pulse Check results format has been done for all of the new Wave 10 LiA National Adopters and a number of existing LiA Accredited Trusts.

At this stage, the LiA Pulse Check findings around the five domains is a straight assessment of staff responses to the 15 questions and how they align to each domain. There is no current weighting of answers to each domain category or the relative importance of each domain in the wider context of things. The ability to further interpret the results from staff around their perspective on how safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led their Trust is will be considered going forward once the new analysis for current Trusts has bedded down and been reflected upon.

Above all else, the LiA Pulse Check results are intended to give real insight to CEOs and their leadership teams around what’s working and what’s not at their Trust around the quality and safety of patient care and how their staff feel about the prevailing culture and leadership at the Trust.

With this evidence to hand, the senior team are in the best possible position to align their whole organisation behind what matters to staff – and to patients – in a way that will make a real difference to how safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led the Trust is, and can be.

Listening into Action is a new way of working in the NHS that gives local leaders the data, information, knowledge and wisdom to be clear on what needs to change and how to change it, ensuring that at all stages in the process, their frontline staff – medics, clinicians and AHPs – are leading the improvement effort across the Trust.

To find out more, call Gordon Forbes at 07734 812311 or email

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