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Listening into Action (LiA) Accredited Trusts 2016

Wed 29th June, 2016
Listening into Action (LiA) Accredited Trusts 2016

The national Listening into Action team today announces the formal accreditation of two NHS Trusts for 2016.

Congratulations to Croydon Health Services NHS Trust for their renewed Listening into Action (LiA) accreditation for 2016. This follows their award as the first Trust in the country to achieve this landmark status in 2015. It is a testament to the ongoing commitment of John Goulston and his wider leadership team to the adoption and spread of LiA that this kite mark is awarded in what is now the Trust’s fourth year of adoption.

We are also delighted to confirm University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust as the second NHS Trust to be awarded the LiA Kite mark. Jackie Daniel and her team have overseen a fantastic turnaround in fortunes over the past two years – most notably recognised by the Secretary of State for Health in a recent visit – through the adoption of Listening into Action, coming out of the external regulatory ‘special measures’ regime based on the improvements made. The level of involvement and ownership from doctors, nurses and other health professionals has been extensive. Supported and backed by the corporate functions and the senior leadership team - who are committed to spreading much needed new ways of working and ‘unblocking the way’ - the successes achieved in the past two years demonstrate a collaboration across traditional boundaries, silos and layers of management in pursuit of a common, patient-centric agenda.

LiA is about a fundamental shift in how we work and lead in the NHS, putting staff at the centre of improvements to patient care. This is a tough mission, requiring unwavering commitment, a sustained desire to challenge national convention and short term pressures to ‘do the right thing’ by staff and for patients, and a clear ‘route map’ to spread and sustain new ways of working.

These Trusts are seeing a sustained and measurable impact of their commitment, in terms of: vital and measurable improvements to patient care, unprecedented uplifts in how engaged and valued their staff feel, and operational efficiencies as a ‘knock-on’ effect of staff-led changes across the Trust.

They now have the right to use the LiA Accredited Trust kitemark for 2016 on all Trust websites and literature. This recognises:

• The Chief Executive is committed to a fundamental shift in how the Trust operates, putting frontline staff at the heart of improvements to patient care
• The Trust has delivered demonstrable, measurable and sustainable shifts to the quality and safety of patient care and the patient experience through the adoption and spread of Listening into Action
• Staff at the Trust recognise the shift that is going on, as evidenced through a sustained and on-going improvement in LiA Pulse Check results - the primary indicator in NHS of 'the cultural health of an organisation’.

These two Trusts, alongside others in the LiA network of over 80 NHS Trusts, are at the vanguard of ‘changing the way we do change’ in the NHS. It is a change that is long overdue and needs to spread and sustain across all aspects of the service, in pursuit of the joined up end-to-end care that patients need, that frontline staff want and that NHS managers are tasked to deliver. CHS and UHMB are leading the way through LiA.

If you are interested in finding out more about how LiA could help you change things for the better, contact the LiA national team via or call Gordon Forbes on 07734 812311

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