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Ward team at Musgrove Park Hospital significantly reduce harm

Tue 7th January, 2014
Ward team at Musgrove Park Hospital significantly reduce harm

Staff on the Orthopaedic Gould Ward at Musgrove Park Hospital have worked together using Listening into Action (LiA) to reduce pressure ulcers, reduce patient complaints, stabilise staffing levels, and improve cleanliness on the ward.

This has had a positive impact for patients and for the team, and has also resulted in significant cost savings.


The team worked together to identify “where the ward was and where we wanted to be”. All staff connected with the ward were involved, including housekeeping, nurses, support staff and receptionists.

LiA is all about delivering better outcomes for patients, for NHS staff and for NHS Trusts. The Gould Ward team at Taunton & Somerset – focusing in on four specific areas - have achieved some terrific results over the past 12 months:

  • A 66% reduction in patient harm over an 8 month period through a reduction in hospital acquired pressure ulcers, with an approximate cost saving of £36,000 (the cost of treating this distressing condition varies from £1,600 to £10,000 per occurrence)
  • A 75% reduction in patient complaints via PALS with a cost saving per complaint of £300
  • Staffing levels on the ward have stabilised, removing the dependence on agency staff, which has had the knock on effect of improving the patient experience by providing continuity of care, improving staff morale and motivation through strengthened teamwork and a saving of £7,000 in agency costs.
  • Overall ward cleanliness has improved from 88% to 93% as a result of involving house-keeping staff directly in changes to prioritise Infection Prevention and Control on the ward, whilst hand hygiene, PVC and Catheter bundle are now at 100%.

Lin Lawrence, Ward Receptionist says:

"Everybody communicates and I get fed back the information I need. Staff morale has improved because people talk to each other".

Jean Rose, the ward housekeeper commented:

"Good teamwork! Other wards say to me that the Ward Assistants are not included and we say ‘come to Gould’".

Matron, Katy Coffin, is justifiably proud of her team:

“This year has been about evolution and understanding. The ward is now fully established and morale has improved. Without a shadow of a doubt this is due to a whole group sign up and patients now receive quality, safe care and risk has been significantly reduced. It has been a pleasure to see the team grow and I am phenomenally proud of them all".

These results were all achieved within 9 months and the Gould Ward staff were recognised in the Staff 'Big Thank You' awards at the Trust.


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zoe yellowlees

Thu 9th January, 2014. 10:41AM

What a fantastic achievement. I would love to hear more about the changes that brought about your fantastic results. Have you shared your initiatives elsewhere at all?

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