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Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016

Wed 23rd November, 2016
Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016

Gordon and Hannah Forbes - architects of the Listening into Action (LiA) approach - were awarded the 'Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016' at the WeDO Scotland awards on Friday.

"We feel honoured and absolutely thrilled. Listening into Action (LiA) is about helping NHS staff to improve care for patients. It's that simple. And it's the success of the organisations, teams and individuals we work with that makes our success.

So, this award is dedicated to you - the 100,000s of NHS staff who are using LiA to save lives, cut waiting times, improve safety, stop avoidable harm, provide more personalised care... and so much more. It's also for all of those people who support frontline staff and are taking every opportunity to 'unblock the way' so they can get on with their jobs - caring for patients.

Being recognised for the work we do to improve patient care through clinician and staff-led change is fantastic and makes us very proud."


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Melanie Walker

Thu 24th November, 2016. 1:31PM

Well done! I am so pleased and richly deserved for all your hard work.
sending love to all the team x

raymond travers

Wed 23rd November, 2016. 6:52PM

Fantastic news
LiA has had many benefits in my organisation both tangible and intangible. It has released a very positive, creative and innovating 'energy' which hopefully can be sustained, harnessed and disseminated even more widely across our front line staff.

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