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NEW Case Study from Community Services Trust

Fri 16th December, 2016
NEW Case Study from Community Services Trust

We are so excited to publish the first Listening into Action (LiA) National Case Study from a Community Trust. This is the culmination of an immense and sustained effort over the past three years at Gloucestershire Care Services (GCS) NHS Trust.

Paul Jennings - who retires next week - put his faith in LiA when he joined as Chief Executive in 2013, seeing it as a vehicle to continually improve the quality and safety of patient services through staff-led change across the Trust.

At the time, the Trust was newly formed and had not yet established a clear purpose or set of underpinning values. These are now well embedded in the hearts and minds of staff at GCS.  

GCS are also the first Community Services Trust in the country to be awarded LiA Accreditation. Paul describes this as a testament to the "commitment, energy and creativity that my colleagues have put into improving care".

Of particular note, GCS have seen the following percentage point increases in key questions around how engaged and valued staff feel - and this has led to a wealth of improvements to patient care led by the teams themselves:

  • 19% increase in staff feeling that the organisation communicates clearly with staff about its priorities and goals
  • 17% increase in the the organisation supporting people to develop and grow in their role
  • 14% increase in staff feeling valued for the contribution they make and the work they do
  • 16% increase in the organisational culture encouraging staff to contribute to changes that affect them.

These are incredible results! When staff feel valued, connected and involved, they deliver better, safer patient care. Shift how staff feel and everything changes - it is the key to unlock the very high levels of commitment, talent and discretionary effort of the 1.4 million people who work across the NHS. We can't wait to see what happens next at GCS!

Well done and congratulations to Paul and all of the staff at GCS. And may we wish a very happy retirement to a real gentleman. It has been a real pleasure working with you.

Contact details for further information are included in the case study. We would be delighted to chat about any aspect of this, as would Paul and his team.

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