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26% improvement in NHS National Staff Survey results

Wed 25th January, 2017
26% improvement in NHS National Staff Survey results

NHS Trusts across the country now have sight of their 2016 National Staff Survey results, under embargo. 

If you're concerned about what you see - or if it feels like an intractable problem - then you may be interested to know that a new cohort of Listening into Action (LiA) Trusts will be starting in the Spring. 

More than 80 Trusts have been adopting Listening into Action (LiA) over the past five years. Those who give it their full commitment and stick to the evidence-based process typically see an unprecedented improvement in National Staff Survey results of up to 26% in key questions, within 12 months. For many, this constitutes a fundamental shift in performance compared with their peers, and reflects a positive year-on-year trend. Their first year of LiA adoption also leads to a wealth of measurable stories about the impact teams have on patient care, and efficiency improvements relating to agency spend, recruitment and retention, and staff sickness levels. 

LiA Trusts commit to an initial, compelling 12 month journey to engage and empower clinicians and all other staff around priorities for patients, with a parallel effort to unblock the way for staff so they can get on and do their jobs. The evidence speaks for itself.

Here's what people say about Listening into Action (LiA):

“A powerful force for cultural change” Alwen Williams, CEO
“I haven’t felt so inspired in years” Dr Ray Travers, Associate Medical Director
“This is real staff engagement. It feels different. It feels punchy. It feels great” Dr Esther Waterhouse, Palliative Care Consultant
“LiA has really empowered our staff, breaking down the barriers which used to stop their excellent ideas from progressing” Kathryn Singh, CEO
“LiA is like the wind, you can’t see it – but you can feel it everywhere and see the visible impact it has” Dr Deborah Wildgoose, Director of Nursing and Quality
“Magic Dust” John Adler, CEO.

A maximum of 10 Trusts will join the new cohort in Spring 2017. Chief Executives are invited to express interest by emailing or calling Hannah Forbes on 07734 812644.


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