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Keep Calm and Pass it On

Wed 18th December, 2013
Keep Calm and Pass it On


10 NHS Trusts got together yesterday in Birmingham, to share the impact LiA has had for patients and staff during their first 10 months as National Pioneers on Staff Engagement and Empowerment.

Here is just one example of an outcome delivered by frontline teams within each Trust:


  • Easy access to Pathology reporting has radically reduced delays and improved the patient experience - Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health NHS Trust
  • Domestics have gone from feeling like ‘invisible ghosts’, to being a valued part of the team who feel they have ‘permission to act’ on their ideas - Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • The process for admitting inpatients has been reduced from 7 hours to 2 hours, creating more time to care and improving the patient experience - Devon Partnership NHS Trust
  • More than 1000 geographically dispersed staff are using Facebook to connect and collaborate, “posting ideas which organically grow into solutions” - London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
  • Local MPs took park in operational ‘ride outs’ so they could see the day-to-day challenges faced by staff first-hand - East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust
  • Consultant-led work to engage around clinical systems has strengthened clinical ownership and involvement - Mersey Care NHS Trust
  • NHS and prison staff worked together to increase recovery time with service users by 3.5 hours each week - South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust
  • Reporting of Cardiology investigations back to GPs is now done by Physiologists instead of Consultants on the same day, eradicating up to five weeks’ delay for patients and enabling Consultants to spend time on more complex cases - St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Staff in LiA teams are feeling 30%+ more valued as a result of the new ways of working and the positive support from the Trust leadership - University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
  • Reduction in Radiology reporting times means cancer patients’ results are now ready when they return to clinic and anxiety caused by waiting is radically reduced - Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, with many other stories from all 10 Trusts, all of which are part of the Wave 3 National Pioneers on Staff Engagement and Empowerment. The second part of their Navigation Day was spent planning how they will build on what they have started and ‘raise the bar’ to focus their engagement efforts around the most important outcomes for patients in 2014.

Note: thanks to St George’s Healthcare NHS Trust for the ‘Keep Calm and Pass It On’ picture which was used in their presentation.

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