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Blasting it out of the water at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Wed 31st May, 2017
Blasting it out of the water at Chesterfield Royal Hospital

Jon Cort, Consultant Anaesthetist, has just become the full-time Listening into Action (LiA) Lead at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. They are part of the new, 'best ever' cohort of LiA Trusts.

Working as 'co-pilot' to Simon Morritt, Chief Executive and alongside a fantastic Sponsor Group of - primarily clinical - 'movers and shakers', we have been blown away by the way they have hit the ground running and are excited to watch what happens over the next 12 months and beyond.

Simon, as CEO, will personally lead the rapid spread of LiA. In his words to staff: "You’ll recall that recently I said it was our intention to join the Listening into Action (LiA) movement. Well – it’s happening - and I really hope you’ll welcome the opportunity to get involved in this new way of working. LiA will create a ‘just do it’ culture in our hospital, where actioning ‘working smarter’ ideas that achieve safer, better care for patients and remove day-to-day frustrations for staff will become the accepted ‘norm’. It’s an exciting prospect and I hope you’ll get on board!".

Freeing up a consultant to play the LiA Lead role shows the level of commitment at the Trust, and this is already paying dividends. The usual 'First 10' LiA Clinical Teams has already risen to 14. These teams will pioneer adoption of LiA, and their stories in 20 weeks' time about the impact this has on patient care will 'fuel' rapid spread to others. Each team has a clear and vital mission, for example:

  • Reducing urgent outpatient referral waiting times in all clinic specialties
  • Implementing ‘Golden Patient’ protocols to reduce theatre list start delays
  • Improving patient flow in ED through better diagnostic imaging reporting
  • Improved access to pulmonary function test results on ICE
  • Improvements to ward-based medium term IV insertions process
  • Reducing unnecessary pre-op assessment visits for low risk elective surgical patients.

They have also had their first Quick Win - within a week of starting! The urgent two week wait colorectal surgical outpatient letters were historically downloaded, printed, and signed off by colorectal surgeons. The letter then went back to Surgical Admissions for the appointment to be generated. This took up 2-3 days of the two week wait.

Based on discussions with the surgeons at their early morning meeting, this process was changed the next day. Patients are now booked directly by the admissions team. This means patients are seen 2-3 days sooner and clinic slot allocation is simplified.

Jon says: "The LiA process has allowed the Surgical Admissions staff to voice their ideas on how to improve patient experience and break down the barriers of times gone by".

Can't wait to see what happens next!  

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