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Through My Eyes

Thu 29th June, 2017
Through My Eyes







Through My Eyes

If you could see what I can see, but never think to ask,

I guarantee that you and I could simplify our task.

Every day, whatever comes, we do our jobs with ardour

And when ‘Do Better!’ is required, work longer, faster, harder.

But often now, “It’s REALLY tough”, I hear great colleagues say,

We’re at the point of thinking “Do I really want to stay?”.

And yet we do, because, you see, a little hope remains,

We’ve all just got to figure out how best to use our brains.

For I have one myself you know (I use it now and then!)

But me, and him, and her and them, now that’s the power of ten!

Optimising such a pool of talent, knowledge, learning,

Must be worth a try, for sure, to satisfy this yearning.

To engage, empower, collaborate, and drive consensus too,

Let’s transform this place for all to see; for them, for me, for you.

Gordon Forbes 2017

© Gordon Forbes 2017 

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