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LiA Scatter Map and League Table for Community Trusts based on National Staff Survey 2017-2018

Wed 14th March, 2018
LiA Scatter Map and League Table for Community Trusts based on National Staff Survey 2017-2018

After a short hiatus, the LiA analysis of the 2017-2018 NHS National Staff Survey results continues with the Community Trust cohort.

With only 17 Community Trusts, it has been possible not only to capture the Trust position on our LiA Scatter Map, but also to show the movement from the 2016-2017 results with the introductions of arrows, all fairly self-explanatory. Also included is the Community Trust League Table showing how much each Trust has risen or fallen in the rankings from last year.

As a reminder, the Scatter Maps show an analysis of the 32 Key Findings from the latest National Staff Survey (NSS) results – produced by Picker Europe for the NHS. Each Trusts' results are reflected at a grid reference on a 32 by 32 ‘Scatter Map’ that shows how staff have rated the Trust’s leadership and culture over the past year. It's simple to understand:

  • The higher up you are, the better your Trust is performing against your peers in the eyes of your staff
  • The further to the right you are, the more positive your trend, year-on-year.

So, the best quadrant to find your Trust in is 'top right': an above average performance and a positive trend. Second best is 'top left': a positive relative performance according to staff, but they are less positive than the same time last year. The second worst quadrant is 'bottom right': below median performance with some encouraging positivity from staff to soften the blow. The worst quadrant is 'bottom left', with staff views on leadership and culture resoundingly negative. 







Download a PDF version of the Scatter Map 

Those of you familiar with our Scatter Maps from previous years will recognise some changes:

  • Gone are the yellow and blue boxes that highlighted whether your organisation was a Foundation Trust or not – this was not proving to be useful or relevant
  • They are replaced instead by red and green boxes, reflecting whether an individual Trust’s results are better or worse than last year; red for worse, green for better, and a more visual sense of ‘Whose results are going the wrong way?’
  • If you would like to discuss your results or understand the national 'picture' please call Gordon Forbes on 07734 812311 or email to

And so to the results…

The established trend now in all the other cohorts covered continues: staff feeling less positive generally from last year and a broad deterioration across the cohort with a few exceptions. All Trusts who have done better than last year are in green (7); all those who have worsened in red (10). See previous blog posts for more detail about other Trust types.

And so to the league table… 


Huge congrats to Cambridgeshire for reaching Top Dog status this year, up one place in the rankings from 2016-2017. So to - perhaps even more so - Lincolnshire Community, up from last place and a ‘quadrant shifter’, to 6th place in the ranking this year. Its very tough to shift quadrants in a year so keep up whatever you’re all doing in Lincs Community.

Not going such great guns? Well, Gloucestershire Care Services sadly take bottom spot in 2017-2018 according to staff who have rated leadership and culture as worse in the last year from what was a really promising turnaround the previous year, dropping 5 places from 12th down to 17th/17 Community Trusts. Also in trouble according to staff responses are Bridgewater who are down 6 places, and Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Partnership, down a whopping 12 places in a 17-strong League Table. Time for a change of tack in some Trusts.

Next up? Mental Health, Learning Disability and Community Trusts.

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