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LiA Scatter Map and League Table for Ambulance and Acute Specialist Trusts based on National Staff Survey 2017-2018

Mon 19th March, 2018
LiA Scatter Map and League Table for Ambulance and Acute Specialist Trusts based on National Staff Survey 2017-2018

The FINAL 2017-18 LiA Scatter Map is now out for Ambulance Trusts and Acute Specialist Trusts. Each cohort has the Trust’s position on the Scatter Map from 2016-17 in grey and the corresponding entry for this year in red or green, with an arrow providing direction of travel.

If your Trust is 'red', the results from staff rating leadership and culture at the Trust has deteriorated, if it's 'green', things have improved according to staff.

The associated League Table shows how much each Trust has risen or fallen in the rankings from last year.

As a reminder, the Scatter Maps show an analysis of the 32 Key Findings from the latest National Staff Survey (NSS) results – produced by Picker Europe for the NHS. Each Trusts' results are reflected at a grid reference on a 32 by 32 ‘Scatter Map’ that shows how staff have rated the Trust’s leadership and culture over the past year. It's simple to understand:

• The higher up you are, the better your Trust is performing against your peers in the eyes of your staff
• The further to the right you are, the more positive your trend, year-on-year.

So, the best quadrant to find your Trust in is 'top right': an above average performance and a positive trend. Second best is 'top left': a positive relative performance according to staff, but they are less positive than the same time last year. The second worst quadrant is 'bottom right': below median performance with some encouraging positivity from staff to soften the blow. The worst quadrant is 'bottom left', with staff views on leadership and culture resoundingly negative.

And so to the results…

This year’s results could be classed as 'swings and roundabouts': some big swings of Trusts going backwards alarmingly while others have gone forward, resulting in an overall spread that is roundabout where it was last year for both Acute Specialists and Ambulance Trusts. The trend downwards and leftwards visible in the other cohorts is not reflected in the same way here. Acute Specialst Trusts have largely vacated the worst quadrant (bottom left), apart from poor old Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital who find themselves stranded there as everyone else has headed into more positive territory. Other than this anomaly, Trusts have replaced peers in each quadrant as some have improved and others have declined.


Download a PDF copy of the Ambulance Trusts LiA Scatter Map


In terms of Ambulance Trust results, specifically:

  • 7 Trusts out of 11 have improved their position on the Scatter Map with 4 deteriorating
  • North East Ambulance Service FT have risen to top spot in the rankings, up 2 places from last year
  • South East Coast Ambulance Service FT remain anchored as the bottom Trust for the second year running, albeit with a healthy move to the 'bottom right' quadrant from their dire place last year (if leaders are looking for any small crumbs of comfort)
  • Big positive movers are West Midlands Ambulance Service FT – up into the 'top right' quadrant – and South Central Ambulance FT, up to second place in the League Table
  • London Ambulance Service leadership are the biggest losers from the Staff Survey results, bombing into the 'bottom left' this year, whilst South Western have taken a tumble from 'top right', down 2 places in the League Table
  • Thresholds for the whole ambulance community remain the lowest of all Trust cohorts, so still a huge effort required from Execs to support frontline staff with, perhaps, one of the toughest gigs of all in the NHS.


Download a PDF copy of the Acute Specialist Trusts LiA Scatter Map


As far as Acute Specialist Trusts are concerned:

  • There has been a huge amount of movement this year
  • 9 of the 15 Trusts have seen some improvement, 6 have dropped back
  • Top spot goes to the Royal Marsden, up 2 places in the League Table, just overtaking Liverpool Heart and Chest in the run for first place
  • Bottom of the pile are GOSH (golly!)
  • 5 Trusts have all managed to haul themselves out of the place no one wants to be in 'bottom left': Queen Victoria, Royal Orthopaedic, Liverpool Women’s, Papworth, and The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Ortho - the latter two of which are 'quadrant shifters' to 'top right' (well done all round)
  • Struggling and going the wrong way: Royal Brompton, The Clatterbridge, and The Christie.

Our next post will contain the entire set of named Trust Scatter Maps and League Tables, with some interesting observations about just how good it is – or not – even in those Trusts rated best in the country by staff. The key message coming up? If anyone anywhere in the NHS is thinking we’re fine; you’re not. Or at least we don’t think you’ll feel fine when you see the results analysis laid bare. Time for change. Big time.

If you would like to discuss your results or understand the national 'picture' please call Gordon Forbes on 07734 812311 or email to

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