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“It works, it's simple, and anyone can get involved” - LiA at Chesterfield Royal

Tue 25th September, 2018
“It works, it's simple, and anyone can get involved” - LiA at Chesterfield Royal

Chesterfield Royal hospital started widespread adoption of Listening into Action (LiA) in May last year. Since then 24 staff-led LiA Teams, with unwavering support from CEO Simon Morritt and the wider leadership, have been using LiA to measurably improve the quality and safety of patient care, and ‘unblock’ the way for colleagues.

Last week the Trust showcased their LiA Journey so far at their Annual Members Meeting. As part of this they showed a super film in which 4 very different LiA teams tell their story. Inspiring headline outcomes from this small sample of their teams include:

  • The introduction of a simple cough reflex test for stroke patients to reduce ‘silent aspiration’. The number of patients nil by mouth and requiring tube feeding has reduced by 22% as a result – and they are only halfway through their first round of work

  • A new, simplified IT set-up for managers which means new starters get access to clinical systems on day 1 and hit the ground running with patient care immediately – very different from before

  • New nurse-led telephone triage and assessment service which has reduced unnecessary patient appointments

  • A porter/health care assistant-led team are improving patient comfort and reducing fear and anxiety by replacing outdated wheelchairs.

The LiA approach has permeated across all staff groups in a very short space of time. As one proud team member says: “The whole team now knows we are valued, we know our ideas count and we can change the way we do things around here”.

We are very proud and excited to be supporting the Trust to more than double their number of LiA Teams at a ‘bumper’ Launch Event in October. Watch this space for more of their fantastic stories early in 2019.

You can see the film here.


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