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LiA Group Genius Event

Thu 6th December, 2018
LiA Group Genius Event

The LiA Group Genius event took place in Birmingham in November. More than 100 people from 12 NHS Trusts attended, along with supporters from NHS Providers and the CQC. The day was all about sharing ideas and inspiration to spread and embed Listening into Action (LiA) brilliantly so that all staff feel able to lead change and act on their good ideas.  

It was a fantastic, inspiring and buzzy day, and showcased what these very committed organisations are doing to fundamentally shift culture, leadership and ways of working to engage and empower frontline teams to deliver the best possible care for their patients, while 'unblocking the way' so that staff can get on with their jobs. A clear fit with the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock's, workforce priority and exactly what the NHS needs to survive and thrive.

With a clear focus on improving the quality and safety of patients/service user care through the direct involvement of the workforce, LiA must be clinically-led by doctors, nurses and other health professionals, supported by leaders, managers and support teams. We asked everyone who was clinical to stand up at the start of the LiA Group Genius event, and were really pleased to see most people on their feet. Wow!


Five super Group Genius ‘hot topics’ were covered through the day, with 7 minute 'trigger talks' to get the conversation going:

  • Jon Cort, Consultant Anaesthetist and LiA Lead at Chesterfield Royal, on creating a ‘movement’ vs an 'initiative'
  • Jude Graham, Consultant Psychotherapist and LiA Lead at RDaSH, on the importance of measuring the impact of LiA to show the benefit for service users, staff and the Trust
  • Simon Constable, Medical Director at Warrington and Halton Hospital, on getting medics on board (84% of their doctors responsed to their LiA Pulse Check!)
  • Sarah Turner-Saint, Head of Communications at Chesterfield Royal, on the importance of creating 'pull'
  • Claire Hogg, Director of Service Improvement and Transformation at North Middlesex University Hospital, on LiA CrowdFixing to engage all staff around corporate changes to 'unblock the way' and reduce day-to-day frustrations.

They were all fantastic!

The presentations catalysed table work for each Trust, top ideas were shared which prompted lots of ‘ah-ha’ moments and provided fuel for Trusts to ‘turbo charge’ their LiA journey moving forwards. 

There were fabulous displays of communications materials from all of the Trusts, and wall displays on inspiring LiA Quick Wins, clinical focus areas for current LiA Teams, and the 'All NHS Trusts' LiA Scatter Map based on the 2017 National Staff Survey results (find out more about the Scatter Map here). 

This was a great event to end the year with. We have lots of exciting plans for 2019, and attendees were treated to a ‘hot off the press’ sneak peak of the new LiA CrowdFixing App. This will be piloted in the first quarter of the New Year, to engage 1000s of staff around 'hot topics' quickly, with 10 Board-backed ideas and actions in teams based on what matters most to them and their patients. It’s a game changer, watch this space!

A PDF pack of the output from the day is available on request please contact Hannah Forbes on 07734 812644 or

We’d like to wish all the amazing staff in the NHS a very happy Christmas and New Year!

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