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How staff rate leadership and culture in all NHS Trusts

Thu 28th March, 2019
How staff rate leadership and culture in all NHS Trusts

We are delighted to announce that the eagerly awaited LiA Scatter Map for all NHS Provider Trusts was published this week in partnership with the Health Service Journal (HSJ).

The analysis, written by Gordon Forbes reveals how staff rate leadership and culture at their Trust based on the most recent NHS National Staff Survey results.

Alastair McLellan, Editor of the HSJ, says: "Anyone interested in performance of NHS organisations on culture change and staff engagement should have a look at this fascinating analysis and infographic".

There have been many comments since the publication, along the lines of this one from a London Trust: "Great intelligence in HSJ News. How do Trusts rate their leaders and culture? Vitally important to keep staff positive, engaged and energised... this information is GOLD!"

It makes for very interesting reading. You can call Gordon Forbes on 07734 812311 to discuss your Trust's results in more detail and to hear about an opportunity to boost your Trust's position in 2019. There are now 17 LiA Trusts in the 'top right' quadrant! Click here to see the article and LiA Scatter Map.

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