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Wed 18th March, 2020

There has never been a more important time to engage with and value staff in the NHS.

To help, the national Listening into Action (LiA) team is offering all NHS Trusts FREE use of the LiA CrowdFixing App to provide an open line of communication with staff, generating ideas and highlighting needs that will help them.

The first to respond to an email sent to all CEOs this week was Maria Kane from North Middlesex Hospitals NHS Trust who said: “I just want to say a resounding ‘Yes Please’ to this offer - it’s a great thing to do and will be very much appreciated by staff”.

Staff involvement will be based on the following invitation:

‘We recognise the enormous pressure on our amazing staff due to Covid-19. Please use this App to share good ideas and needs so we can all help each other to help our patients. Thank you so much for your commitment and care’.

The process is very simple:

1. The Trust advertise the App in current Covid-19 communication using material provided to them - encouraging downloads and making it accessible on all work phones. The topic itself is likely to mean a quick uptake
2. Staff register and submit ideas and needs whenever they want. This is anonymous unless they choose to say where/who they are
3. On a weekly or daily basis, the Trust receives a spreadsheet of all submissions, which they review and action as appropriate via their COVID-19 Incident Group and/or Exec Team
4. Top ideas from other Trusts are also shared with them
5. A regular, brief PDF with an update on actions is posed this back to staff via the App so they know what is happening.

The App was launched last year and has already been used by several Trusts on other topics. There is NO COST – the LiA team are supporting this on a pro bono basis.

CEOs are asked to confirm their Trust’s involvement without delay, providing contact details of the director who will be the key point of contact. It will be mobilised within days.

Contact: Hannah Forbes on 07734 812644 or

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