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Patient rehabilitation transformed at Pennine Acute NHS Trust

Tue 11th March, 2014
Patient rehabilitation transformed at Pennine Acute NHS Trust

The LiA mission for one group of staff at Pennine Acute Trust,  ‘to provide the best rehabilitation journey by transforming our team’s culture and practice' has been successfully achieved by the Floyd Unit at Birch Hill Hospital.

The team, led by unit manager Karen Gaunt, now has the first integrated team room in a neuro rehab facility in the whole of Greater Manchester. Taking part in the second phase of the LiA roll-out in the Trust, Karen formed a Sponsor Group including Senior Sister Rosie Law, Assistant Practitioner Anne Buskey, Lead Physiotherapist Andy Stables, Rehabilitation Support Worker Sean McDonald, and Lead Consultant Dr Morcos.

Together with staff from the rehab unit, they decided that if all disciplines of staff worked under the same room, rather than just in the same unit, it would reduce time stealers, improve communication and enhance integrated working opportunities. The newly identified team room was refurbishment to accommodate phones, a fax machine, networked PCs and printers.

Karen said:

“The room has been embraced by all staff who say that communication has improved immensely. Staff are more easily accessible and case notes and other documentation are now central. This has ended the very frustrating search for notes and summaries. We couldn’t have achieved this without the fabulous work of the estates and IT teams who helped us.

The LiA opportunity gave me the courage and the confidence to work with a committed team of people, and to take this huge step in working towards joining a large and diverse staff group together in one hub. I strongly believe we would never have done it without this very structured and supported process.

Advanced planning of patient rehabilitation is now developing with the aim in the future to provide patients with rehabilitation timetables, ensuring they are always involved and at the centre of every rehabilitation intervention we provide.”


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