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LiA Patient Conversations 'step in right direction' at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

Fri 7th February, 2014
LiA Patient Conversations 'step in right direction' at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust

John Goulston, Chief Executive at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust, has recently hosted two highly successful LiA Conversations with patients at his Trust...

"Listening to our patients gives us the insight into how we can make the necessary changes to improve services. In the past couple of weeks I have been very proud to host two listening events for 150 of our patients and their families. The events, supported and facilitated by members of Trust staff, were both excellent and rich in intelligence and feedback. Following the national Francis Report into the poor standards of care in Mid Staffordshire, the LiA Conversations demonstrate how the Trust is being open and listening, and responding to what we are told.

Comments, both positive and negative, were recorded by the attendees on LiA Ideas pads and shared with the room. The interactive LiA Conversation format was well received by patients - 95% of those attended would attend a session again and 95% rated the session as very successful or successful.

All the intelligence from these LiA Conversations is being reviewed and themed, so that practical steps with the most impact to deliver improvements can be identified and put into place. Several patients at the first session commented that it would have been good for more clinical staff to have been present to hear what they had to say. We took this on board and, prior to the second session, gained the approval of those attending to video the event, in order to share the feedback sessions with our staff.

These are available via the following links:

LiA Patient Conversations highlights - 4 minutes

Question 1 - What is stopping staff delivering the best patient care?


 Question 2 - What should we stop or do differently?


 Also available is a moving slide deck video of some of the photographs 

Around 50 other stakeholders attended a separate LiA Conversation at the end of January. This included Croydon Council, Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group, local GPs and community organisations.

We have also recently held three LiA Staff Conversations with discussions on Quality and Safety of Care, Patient Experience, and Enabling Our Frontline Teams. As a result of this and other work we are identofying 15 LiA priorities for 2014. These will form a key part of our Quality Improvement Plan and will be reported to the Trust Board on 2nd April. In addition, our 2nd wave LiA teams will be sharing their achievements at a high profile Pass It On event on 4th March 2014".


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