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Patient Experience Champions introduced at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Wed 5th February, 2014
Patient Experience Champions introduced at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust has recently moved into their second year of LiA adoption, with a focus on engaging and empowering their staff around specific, priority opportunities to: 1) improve the quality and safety of patient care, 2) enhance the patient experience, and 3) enable and support frontline teams to do their jobs.

As part of this work, based on feedback from staff and patients, they have introduced an exciting Patient Experience Champion Programme to help all staff - regardless of role or grade - to deliver an excellent patient experience. The aim is to have at least one Patient Experience Champion in every ward or service areas.

Built around a framework which centres on helping staff to listen and learn from patients, the programme will enable partnership working with colleagues which will lead to Trust-wide improvements, sharing good practice and embedding LiA as 'the way we do things around here'.

So far, 40 staff from all disciplines have signed up to become a champion. 23% of clinical areas are represented with a big campaign underway to drive up numbers. This inclusive, collaborative way of working is connecting staff in a way that fosters networking, good practice and knowledge sharing. Those involved are being empowered to make decisions and changes to benefit their patients. As a result, they feel valued and engaged.

Of course, patient involvement is a vital component in this. Patients and families are able to share their ideas and views with the Patient Experience Champion in that part of the service, and they, in turn, have a 'pathway' and 'permission' to take forward these ideas and make a real difference to their services, based on what patients want.

Wards are now displaying welcome boards which show feedback and the changes that have been made as a result.

Tara Holmes-Ling, Junior Sister in Endoscopy at Eastbourne is already a Patient Experience Champion, and says:

“Being a Patient Experience Champion is a really rewarding opportunity to look at the work we do in my department from the patient’s point of view, and a chance to look at ways, whether big or small, to improve the patient’s experience”.

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