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Reducing unnecessary admissions at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

Tue 25th February, 2014
Reducing unnecessary admissions at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust

A multidisciplinary LiA team at East Sussex NHS Trust has worked together to create a new Ambulatory Respiratory Care Service (ARCS) at Eastbourne General Hospital.

This has been a great example of an LiA team working across the usual boundaries, empowering a rich cross-mix of staff including Housekeepers, Administrators, Health Care Assistants, Nursing staff, and Doctors to make changes to improve the patient experience.

The work on Jevington Ward came about after staff identified that space currently used for storage could be consolidated to create room for a new treatment room and a patient counselling room. Respiratory patients often have complex needs, requiring interventions and elective treatments to help them manage their chronic conditions. The ARCS means that patients can be diagnosed and treated promptly without having to wait for elective admissions. There are also benefits staff who love the new facility, and for the Trust as unnecessary admissions are avoided. It's a win-win-win!

Dr Wayomi Perera, Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, says:

“The ARCS on Jevington Ward has enabled us to see many outpatients at short notice. Our lung function physiologist has been able to increase her productivity significantly as oxygen assessments can be done there. We are also able to use the facility for inpatient procedures. The ARCS is a clean and safe environment, the ultrasound and all necessary equipment are on hand, and the patient and staff experience has really been enhanced.

The LiA process enabled this and was also a great team building experience. We would like to thank our LiA Lead, Jeanette Williams, and the whole LiA Sponsor Group for listening to us and empowering us improve our service”.

Noon Owasil, Matron, said: “From idea to completion, this has been the fastest and most effective improvement for our service and everyone played a part in the process”.

Alice Webster, Director of Nursing, added:“The team have proved how productive it can be to work together to enhance patient care, and shown that vision can become a reality with a little bit of self-belief”.

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