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LiA Lead Coordinator - a dynamic, innovative role for the NHS

Tue 11th February, 2014
LiA Lead Coordinator - a dynamic, innovative role for the NHS

The LiA Lead Coordinator is a very special role for a 'rising star' in the organisation.

Working directly to the Chief Executive, they coordinate, coach, cajole and support colleagues at all levels and in all roles to understand and buy into the LiA way of working. The LiA Lead Coordinator typically has a clinical background, and is tenacious, passionate and unwilling to let obstacles (of which there are many!) get in their way.

Claire Powell, has 'hit the ground running' as the LiA Lead Coordinator at Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust:

"I have worked in the NHS since 1990, primarily as a Registered Adult and Paediatric Nurse in various guises, and for the past 8 years in Senior Management roles.

During this time I have seen many changes at local, organisational and strategic levels and, where possible, I have always had the ambition to be involved in the change process. A few years ago a nurse friend of mine told me about a ‘new way of working’ which her organisation was adopting. I listened with curiosity at her concerns about how “it won’t work” and “we’ve tried this before”. However, over the following months her attitude changed to one of interest, enthusiasm, passion and motivation. She explained that the difference to this new approach was that it was the staff driving the changes and that things were moving with pace and momentum which was really resonating with the staff involved. She went on to say that this new way of working was called Listening into Action (LiA).

For the past 7 months I have been working for Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust as the Clinical Effectiveness Manager. This role has enabled me to work closely with staff and to truly understand what hinders them from delivering high quality care, and what makes them ‘tick’. I have had the privilege of donning my uniform and getting my hands dirty, working with staff across all bands and roles, and understanding care from the patient’s perspective. This is the part of the role that I am passionate about: working with staff, listening to their frustrations, and empowering them to make positive changes.

Last December, I was attracted to an internal job advert for the post of Listening into Action (LiA) Lead Coordinator. I read the person specification and job description and thought: “That’s my dream job. That’s me!!!”. I applied, was interviewed and was fortunate enough to get the position.

I started in January and I am thoroughly enjoying my role. I am passionate about the LiA approach and have even taught myself very quickly to ‘break the language’ (one of the principles of LiA) and stop calling it a ‘project’. I have already talked at meetings of senior Nurses, managers, and teams, and prepared a communication statement for the Trust Board. We have sent out our LiA Staff Pulse Check (and already had an unprecedented level of response), booked our big round of LiA Staff Conversations, and attended our first LiA Navigation Event in Birmingham, alongside other Trusts that are on the same journey as us.

The online LiA Navigator is my new best friend (so many resources and ideas!), and the opportunity to network with other LiA Lead Coordinators across the country to share ideas and gain support is an everyday occurrence. Communicating with Hannah, Gordon and the team at the national LiA Hub is effortless, and I’ve learnt very quickly that no question is a silly one! My formula for success is to follow the milestones, ‘stay close’ to Hannah and Gordon, communicate the LiA approach at every opportunity with the support of our Trust Sponsor Group, and to keep up the pace and momentum that is already building at a phenomenal speed.

Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust is ready for this approach and I feel that I have the motivation, ambition and enthusiasm to support and lead our workforce on this amazing journey."

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