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LiA Trusts see a 10-35% increase in how valued their staff feel

Mon 7th October, 2013
LiA Trusts see a 10-35% increase in how valued their staff feel

As they start out on their Listening into Action (LiA) journey, every LiA Trust sends out the LiA Pulse Check to all staff, and then repeats it after 12 months to see what has changed. The LiA Pulse Check has 15 questions and takes 60 seconds to complete. Response levels are exceptionally high with as many as two-thirds of the workforce taking part.

The second group of seven 'National Pioneer Trusts on Staff Engagement and Empowerment' started out on their journey last September, and their new results are just in. This follows an intensive 12 month journey to spread and embed Listening into Action (LiA) as ‘the way we do things around here’. The world is looking rather different for them, as you can see (based on average results):

17.4% increase in staff feeling ‘valued for the contribution I make and the work I do’

11.3% increase in staff ‘understanding how my role contributes to the wider organisational vision’

8.73% increase in staff who think that ‘our organisational culture encourages me to contribute to changes that affect my team/service’

This level of rapid, widespread improvement is unprecedented in the NHS.

Of course, the starting point is very low. NHS staff – an incredibly caring and values-based workforce – have become increasingly disengaged and disenfranchised over the past 20 years or so. The 66,000 LiA Staff Pulse Check responses submitted over the past 12 months alone show that, typically, only around 20% of NHS staff feel valued for the contribution they make and the work they do. What kind of service can we expect to deliver when people are feeling like this?

But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and the National Pioneer Trusts are in hot pursuit. 30 Trusts - as part of four groups so far – have put an extraordinary level of commitment into their efforts over the past 12 months, and they are starting to reap the benefits.

Kenneth Lownds from 'Cure The NHS' said: "Well done everyone. Since the Healthcare Commission exposed the disastrous truth about Mid Staffs, we in Cure the NHS have been trying to tell politicians and NHS leaders that the NHS needs 'Turning the Right Way Up'. This is what you're doing. When is this to be rolled out to the other 300 or so hospitals? This is very hopeful."

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