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Getting the 'First 100' influencers on board at Liverpool Community Health

Thu 6th March, 2014
Getting the 'First 100' influencers on board at Liverpool Community Health

Nichola Durrant is the LiA Lead Co-ordinator for Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust. They started out as an LiA National Pioneer Trust in January, and Nichola reflects here on the importance of getting the 'First 100' influencers on board right from the outset:

“When we started out on our LiA journey just a few weeks ago, we formed a Sponsor Group of influencers from across our Trust to navigate the way and ensure we make a great success of it. One of the first questions we were urged to think about was: 'If we had 100 people on board with us as we embark on this journey, who would we want them to be?'. It makes complete sense to start out with shared ownership and not to 'land' this on anyone, so we starting putting together a list of influencers and our strategy for talking to them about LiA.

As a results, on Monday I found myself talking about LiA to 40 members of staff who had signed themselves up for the inaugural clinical network meeting. This is a rich and diverse group from all walks of clinical life: nurses, AHPs, researcher managers, directors, leads. What they all have in common is that they said 'yes' when the opportunity came to join this new network that will bring people together to share expertise, opinion and evidence. Now I was asking them to say 'yes' again.

These are exactly the sort of people we are wanted to include in our 'First 100'. We want these people who say 'yes' to inspire others in their own networks to say 'yes' too when we ask them to join us on the LiA journey. Whether this means responding to the LiA Pulse Check, joining us at the LiA Conversations or becoming one of the 'First 10' teams, these are the people who we hope will help inspire, energise and enthuse, and create the special buzz that has made LiA so successful in organisations that have gone before us.

Since then, we have been getting emails from clinical network members and our Top 100 has just tipped the scales at 108. This is just one sign that LCH staff are already catching the LiA bug. Another sign is that we received 250 responses to the LiA Pulse Check within the first 24 hours.

Next week we will be introducing the LiA Sponsor Group to the organisation through another 'yes' campaign. Sponsor Group members are sharing the reason why they said ‘yes’ to being part of the group, like Peter who said: "Everything I heard made me smile - finally something to empower clinicians", and Mandy who said: "I was inspired. Small changes driven by empowered staff who are fully supported by our organisation".

It is a great start, and we are all excited for the next steps in the journey, when staff get to engage directly with their Chief Executive, Bernie Cuthel, at the LiA Staff Conversations. After that, it's all about doing what they really want to do - take action.”

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