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NHS Chief Executive "totally committed to LiA"

Thu 27th February, 2014
NHS Chief Executive "totally committed to LiA"

David Allison is Chief Executive at Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where they are now in their second year of LiA adoption and spread. David has given LiA his unwavering commitment from the beginning. He shares their story so far:

"In 2012, we conducted an Organisational Health survey. This showed that although there was a genuine desire from staff to do their best for patients, there were systems, processes and ways of doing things that got in their way. The survey concluded that we had some serious work to do in improving the health of the organisation and, as a Board, we committed to engaging with our staff in new ways in order to understand how we can work together to address the frustrations and issues they were experiencing.

We joined up as an ‘LiA National Pioneer on Staff Engagement and Empowerment’, recognising that we wanted to achieve a fundamental shift in the way we work and lead, putting clinicians and staff at the centre of change for the benefit of our patients, our staff and the Trust as a whole.

LiA has clearly enabled us to make the step changes we needed. We believe that transformation will only be realised through passionate people. LiA has enabled us to engage and enthuse people, re-igniting the commitment our staff inherently have for the provision of exceptional healthcare.

Since the launch of LiA in October 2012, I have personally worked with more than 1000 colleagues through our LiA Staff Conversations, where they have described what matters to them and what changes they would like to see. A further 600+ staff have attended team-level LiA Conversations to adopt this way of working for themselves – setting a clear mission, connecting all the right people around it, sharing ideas, taking ownership of the changes they want to see, and celebrating their successes. Their stories and results have inspired others to come on board… and so it has spread.

As we moved into our second year, we worked hard to identify priorities which would be achieved faster and better through LiA, with an absolute focus on quality and safety of care, improving the patient experience, and enabling our frontline teams to do their jobs and deliver great services.

I am delighted with the success of LiA at Wirral University Teaching Hospital so far and I am totally committed to this way of working. At a recent CQC visit I was told that staff are describing our hospital as ‘a great place to work’, and I strongly believe this is a lot to do with our commitment to the LiA way of working. To date, over 50 of our teams have engaged in LiA and there have been many measurable improvements. Here are just a few headlines:

  • Major improvements to our A&E department, including a single triage process and development of integrated pathways of care
  • Improvements to the discharge planning process including speedier availability of take home medications
  • Reduction in length of stay for older people in our short stay unit
  • Improved stroke data systems
  • Reduction in DNA and waiting times in community paediatrics
  • Introduction of a breast cancer wellbeing and survivorship programme
  • Reduction in duplicated blood requests
  • Reduced bureaucracy and paperwork in maternity and theatres
  • Established Primary Care engagement programme
  • Improved Trust communications systems.

I would encourage any other Trusts to sign up to the ‘National Pioneers’ programme and adopt Listening into Action (LiA) as a way of working that becomes ‘the way we do things around here’. It is a simple, yet highly effective way of getting things done - changing what we do and how we do it so that our patients experience the best possible care and our hospital has the best possible reputation."

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