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Medical records team 'euphoric' at Wirral University Hospital

Wed 24th September, 2014
Medical records team 'euphoric' at Wirral University Hospital

The Medical Records team at Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have worked in a significantly challenging environment for many years. LiA has ‘supercharged’ the team and they have used this new way of working to transform the management of patient records.

Storage of case notes had been a growing problem at the Trust, impacting on timely availability and causing delays for patients. LiA was seen as an opportunity to engage with the team to identify how things could work better for the benefit of patients, staff and the Trust.

The team are 'euphoric' about what they have achieved so far.

They went well beyond the call of duty, coming in during time off to make changes to the environment and ways of working which mean that:

  • Medical Record storage is now safe and secure
  • The timely retrieval of case notes is no longer an issue
  • There is improved storage with more space, additional racking, and a case sheet trolley maintenance and replacement programme
  • Smarter ways of working have been introduced, adjusting the workload into smaller, more manageable bundles which are distributed more frequently throughout the day
  • There are now monthly section meetings, suggestions boxes for sharing of ideas, a bi-monthly newsletter, and a 'you said, we did' leaflet keeping staff up-to-date on the changes.

The team now feels motivated, valued, listened to and respected as a result of the support they have been given. The number of staff who felt encouraged to suggest new ideas within the department has doubled since LiA was introduced and their ideas are being turned into action.

The team repeated the LiA Pulse Check after their initial work was completed. The feeling that staff do not understand the connection between their role and the wider vision of the Trust has been eliminated, and 90% now feel that the management and supervisory team communicate clearly about what they are trying to achieve.


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