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Making every day NHS Change Day through spread of LiA

Tue 4th March, 2014
Making every day NHS Change Day through spread of LiA

John Adler, Chief Executive at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, is using NHS Change Day to boost the spread of Listening into Action across his Trust.

John has given LiA his unwavering commitment first at Sandwell and West Birmingham and now in Leicester, and has no doubt about the impact this way of working has on staff and on the quality of patient care.

Speaking at a recent conference, he stressed the importance of gaining buy-in from both clinicians and managers, and the need to commit to a fundamental shift in ways of working and leading which will sustain and embed as 'the way we do things around here':

"If you take away one message, please don’t toy with the scale of the LiA journey. You need to go the distance over the long term. This is about a systematic approach to staff engagement. The way it works: commitment followed by engagement, followed by empowerment, then embedding. It’s important to follow the process because it is tried and tested it is very much evidence-based.

Crucially if you don’t really understand the vital matrix of staff engagement and are not really prepared to put the long-term effort into it and make sure there is action, or if you don’t think your Chief Executive is interested, it would be better not to start.

In my experience, and that of a lot of other people now, Listening into Action works as a method for taking us forward to a situation where staff really do feel valued by the organisation”.

John shares more of his insight and some important advice for anyone considering this way of working in his 'Putting Listening into Action' video.


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