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"Humbled and inspired" - LiA 'Pass It On' event at Croydon Health Services

Thu 13th March, 2014
"Humbled and inspired" - LiA 'Pass It On' event at Croydon Health Services

Croydon Health Services NHS Trust recently held their second LiA 'Pass It On' event. John Goulston, Chief Executive, described these events as "the best two days in my NHS career", and went on to say the following:

 "Working in the NHS can sometimes feel tough, and challenges often seem to come from every direction. In my experience, most staff who work in the NHS strive to work hard and are caring and compassionate. They come to work to do a good job and to make a difference to our patients and our local community. Many people will have heard me say that all too often in Croydon Health Services all we hear are negative stories, and we need to be better at promoting all the great things that happen across our organisation every day.

On Tuesday afternoon, I was once again blown away, humbled and inspired by our Listening into Action (LiA), Wave 2, Pass it On Event. It was fantastic to see how much great work and innovation our staff have been delivering to the people of Croydon. Our first Pass It On event last year was one of the most exciting events that I had ever attended in my NHS career, and I wondered how we could top that. I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. 17 LiA teams presented the outcomes and successes of their 6 month missions to an audience of over 250 staff, patients and local stakeholders.

All of these teams have shone over the past 6 months, despite the challenges of the CRS Millennium (BT/Cerner) implementation (biggest operational and clinical change faced by many of our staff), the emergency care pressures of winter, and the tough financial constraints we are currently operating in.

"Shining examples of excellence”, is a good description and one that is particularly applicable as the theme of the event was celebrating our LiA 'National Beacon status'. Our amazing successes and achievements over the past 18 months in improving staff engagement and demonstrating a real commitment to listening to our staff have been recognised by both the CQC in their hospital inspection report and through an improved National Staff Survey, where we have seen a fundamental shift.

One of the biggest joys for me on Tuesday was seeing how our teams are actively talking to, and involving, patients/service users in helping to change services to meet their needs and expectations. A great example of this was the Croydon Acute Neuro-rehabilitation Service (CANS) who held their own LiA Patient Conversation and then worked in collaboration with one of their former patients, a graphic designer, to redesign their brand and patient information literature.

There were too many highlights from the LiA Pass it On Event to list individually here, but these are being shared widely so that all of our staff can see what their colleagues are doing in different parts of our organisation, and get inspired and involved in the next wave of LiA"


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