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Safer care and better patient experience in Endoscopy Services at East Cheshire

Thu 24th April, 2014
Safer care and better patient experience in Endoscopy Services at East Cheshire

Patients requiring an endoscopy usually have one option to help them through an unpleasant procedure - strong IV sedation and painkillers. The effect of these drugs can last for hours and requires either an overnight hospital stay or overnight care at home.

A team from the Endoscopy Unit at East Cheshire NHS Trust have been working together to improve the patient experience by introducing the use of Entonox.

Their aims were:

• To improve the patient experience during an endoscopy procedure

• To improve patient safety – Entonox has fewer side-effects

• To provide patients with choice.

The team had been trying for over 3 years to introduce Entonox in endoscopy. The benefits for patients were clear, there are no injections involved, the effects wear off within minutes, and patients can legally drive home 30 minutes after the procedure.

When LiA was introduced at the Trust, this team spotted the opportunity to use LiA to engage all the right people and work out how to make the change happen. Using the LiA approach, the team were able to cut through organisational barriers, access and engage with the right people to influence and inform a business plan, and identify and articulate the overall benefits of having Entonox in the Endoscopy Unit.

As a result, the new gas pipeline was installed in January 2014 and Entonox became available to patients from the beginning of February.

Dot Pearson, Pain Nurse says: "The LiA network and process helped us expedite our work efficiently and successfully. It was simple, transparent, open and honest. It is a perfect vehicle for busy clinicians with limited time who want to improve patient care".

Take-up has been impressive, with 30% of patients now choosing Entonox as their preferred sedation method. The changes have greatly improved the patient experience, and patient feedback has been positive. For example: "I chose Entonox because I live alone and did not want to feel drowsy or have to stay in overnight. It was easy to use and I was able to go home independently”.

The staff are also benefitting from the changes, as member of the team says: “Entonox is so easy to use and it is good to see how much patients benefit from using it”.

The team are now focused on measuring the impact and demonstrating the value the new service is providing, so that lessons from their experience can be articulated and used elsewhere. The benefits include: patients less likely to need an overnight stay in hospital, faster recovery time, fewer side-effects, and greater patient choice.


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