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A ‘groundswell of change' at Pennine Acute Hospitals

Wed 26th November, 2014
A ‘groundswell of change' at Pennine Acute Hospitals

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust started adoption of LiA in 2012. Since then staff from a whole range of services have been leading a ‘groundswell’ of change. This has had a marked impact on the quality and safety of patient care and the patient experience, and has seen staff working smarter together within this large multi-site Trust.

A selection from their impressive array of staff-led changes includes:

A new Paediatric Allergy Clinic set up in North Manchester - 25% of paediatric referrals were for allergy related conditions, families from North Manchester are no longer required to travel to the city centre to get treatment for their children

A reduction in delays when patients are brought in by ambulance – Achieved by the introduction of the Rapid Ambulance Triage, designated nurses identified by tabards and a designated receptionist

A reduction in violence against Trust staff –The initial target of a 5% reduction in violence against staff was far exceeded, with a 19% overall reduction through bespoke training for security staff. In addition, there is now a drop-in counselling/support service available for all staff who have experienced violence

Improvements for patients in Neurology Rehabilitation - A lack of team work and a fragmented approach have been solved with the set-up of an integrated team room and staff agreeing on and creating better ways of working

A reduction in inappropriate patient tests – 20% of results were not being viewed within 3 days. The ‘recipe book’ for testing has been reviewed and rewritten. The removal of one unnecessary test has saved £28k in one department. Now only 6% of results are not viewed within 3 days

The reorganisation of anaesthetic rooms - Chaotic anaesthetic rooms have been improved by a multi-disciplinary team, airway trolleys have been redesigned and standardised, and a new pick-list is in place to ensure supplies are always stocked up

A huge reduction in ENT waiting times - High levels of DNA, unhappy staff and disgruntled patients are a thing of the past due to paperwork changes. Start and finish times are now audited with an action algorithm if a clinic is late. Waiting times have been reduced from 2 hours to an average of 15 minutes

A 50% reduction in paperwork in unscheduled care – Duplication and excessive paperwork has been condensed via a multi-disciplinary team review of documentation.

These remarkable achievements have been delivered by committed teams working across the usual boundaries, with support and encouragement from the LiA Sponsor Group and their inspirational LiA Lead Julie Owen.

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