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New IV equipment at East Sussex improves the patient experience and reduces cost

Thu 4th September, 2014
New IV equipment at East Sussex improves the patient experience and reduces cost

An LiA team at East Sussex Healthcare Trust have improved the patient experience and made substantial cost savings through the use of new, innovative IV equipment.

The new equipment, called Nautilus, helps clinicians accurately position Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters (PICC lines) by providing accurate ECG readings.

A PICC line is an intravenous access device inserted by a specially trained doctor or nurse into a patient’s upper arm vein. They are beneficial for patients who require long term intravenous antibiotics, chemotherapy or specialist feeds. The line can be in place for up to a year if required and is also used for taking blood tests. Insertion is usually done in the ward by the IV team, and previously a chest x-ray was required to confirm the location of the PICC tip, to ensure that it is safe to use.

There have been several benefits from the introduction of the Nautilus, including:

  • The elimination of waiting times for patients waiting for x-ray after line insertion - patients no longer need to go to the radiology department as the Nautilus can be used by the bedside
  • Quicker treatment times for patients
  • Reduced waiting times for line insertion
  • A substantial reduction in x-ray costs – estimated in the region of £38,000 per year.

Two machines have been purchased at the Trust and the team are very grateful for the funding which was provided by 2 local charities - Friends of the Conquest Hospital and the Friends of the Eastbourne Hospitals.

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