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Shifting the Culture - The first 6 months of LiA at Gloucestershire Care Services

Thu 21st August, 2014
Shifting the Culture - The first 6 months of LiA at Gloucestershire Care Services

Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust started their LiA Journey at the beginning of 2014, Paul Jennings the CEO at the Trust reflects on the last few months;

“Someone once said to me what fantastic people I work with - stimulating, exciting, ambitious for their families and communities, brimming with ideas and excitement, inventive, creative with great ideas for change and improvement…..until they come to work.

I wanted Gloucestershire Care Services to be part of Listening into Action because I want our health and social care organisation to be a place where colleagues felt able to unleash their creativity and ambition at work for the benefit of service users and patients.

Using the LIA approach we have set three big ambitions for GCS this year;

  • To ensure that everyone feels 'part of' the organisation
  • To invert the management triangle so our services are seen as our purpose and management supports that goal
  • To ensure everyone feels responsible and accountable for their actions

The LiA approach has helped us to keep to task and plan. The techniques and approaches have enhanced the interaction between the organisation and colleagues and also between myself and the colleagues I have met at the LiA Staff Conversations

We have just reached that point in the process where we have our Pioneering Teams in place along with our Enabling our People schemes. All of this is not without mistakes, stumbles and wrong turnings but we can see a route now to our event in early November when we will share the outcomes and progress from this work. We should have the momentum and the impetus by then to significantly shift the culture of the organisation which is what our three big ambitions are about.

The Pulse check, the conversations, the sponsor group and the pioneering teams have all made it possible for at least half of our workforce to have a direct opportunity to engage, comment and direct the changes we are trying to achieve. LiA has given us the tools we need to build a different, more adventurous, ambitious and exciting organisation.”

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