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29% uplift in staff feeling valued at Berkshire Healthcare

Wed 27th August, 2014
29% uplift in staff feeling valued at Berkshire Healthcare

The LiA Pulse Check is used by all Listening into Action (LiA) Trusts. It is simple, deliberately not over-engineered, comprises 15 questions and takes 60 seconds to complete. The LiA Pulse Check provides a snapshot view of how engaged and how valued staff feel right now.

At the beginning of a Trust’s LiA Journey, the LiA Pulse Check goes out far and wide, with lots of rallying so that staff know about it, and understand that it is locally-owned and will quickly lead to action at a Trust-wide and team level. This provides a baseline measure and it is then repeated annually, with an intensive and carefully crafted programme of work in between to engage, empower and unblock the way for staff so that they can deliver quality care and a great patient experience, in a way that makes them feel proud.   

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust began adoption of LiA in 2012 and have recently completed their third LiA Pulse Check. This is what Julian Emms, CEO at the Trust, had to say to his staff:

“As many of you will know, each year we run a Pulse Check survey as part of Listening into Action (LiA). The results show us how we are doing and what areas we need to focus on.

This year’s Pulse Check was incorporated into the Friends and Family Test we recently ran. I’d like to thank all 1,900 of you who responded. This was our best ever response to a survey. The results are now in and I’m really, really pleased with how we are doing.

In the Friends and Family Test:

  • 80% of you said you were likely to recommend our organisation to family and friends if they needed care or treatment (compared to the national average of 73%)
  • 67% said you would recommend Berkshire Healthcare to family and friends as a place to work (compared to 61% national average).

When we look at the LiA Pulse Check questions, the highlights for me are:

  • 72% of you believe we are providing high quality services (up from 43% when we started in 2012)
  • 51% feel our culture encourages you to contribute to changes that affect your team (up from 36% in 2012)
  • 49% of you feel valued for your contribution and the work you do (up from 24% in 2012)
  • 47% per cent said they strongly agree or agree the organisation communicates clearly with you about our priorities and goals (up from 31% in 2012).

Overall the results are encouraging and show we are getting better. However, just because we have achieved some good scores it doesn’t mean we will stop working on these areas. There is much more to do. Together with the Executive team and Listening into Action (LiA) Sponsor Group, I’ll be continuing to look at ways in which we can improve in every area".

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